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Wuhan Food

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Wuhan food is generally a mix of Shanghai, Chongqing and Sichuan cuisines,therefore it is absolutely a wonderful place for tourists who haven't got enough time to travel. There are a variety of snacks, for instance, the succulent, spicy duck's neck, dumplings, hot and dry noodles (re gan mian), chili-spiced pigeons, the delicious and often squirty soup buns (tang bao), salty doughnuts (mian wo) or doupi (sticky rice, egg, beef, mushrooms and beans wrapped in a pocket of soy skin). Take an opportunity to eat, gorge or snack.

Wuhan Featured Food:

Potted Chicken Soup

The soup is delicious. The meat is burnt to a frazzle. The original chicken soup is nourishing.  It’s a top-grade tonic food for the old, the sick and pregnant and lying-in women.

Old Jianji Beef Cooked Bean Strips

The beef is smooth and tender. The bean strips are soft and tasty. The tastes of beef and bean strips mix together. It has a distinctive flavor.

Red Rape

Red rape and Wuchang fish are called "two famous dishes In Chutain". It has ever been offered to emperors as the tribute in ancient times.