Shanjuan Cave

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The scenic area has luxuriant woods and beautiful sceneries. The cave landscape is better than artificial masterpiece, thus enjoying the reputation as "relics through the ages" and "fairy land in the realm of sensuous desire". It ranks with Han People Cave of Belgium, Lyons Cave of France as "the top three exotic cave in the world".

The name of Shanjuan is of a long standing. According to the book Mater Shen, more than four thousand years ago, Shun gave the throne to Shanjuan, but the poet Shanjuan flatly rejected it, went into the deep mountains and retired to hermitage in the cave, and therefore the cave acquired the name of Shanjuan.

The Shanjuan Cave covers an area of 5000 square meters. It is composed of the upper cave, the middle cave, the lower cave and the water cave, which are connected with each other and have different sceneries. Stepping into the cave, you will feel as if entering an underground palace.

The scenery of the upper cave enjoys a huge reputation for its misty beauty. The cave is always filled with mist, thus acquiring the name of "large field in mistF". The cave has a length of 70 meters and a height of 30 meters. There are numerous exotic stones around the wall. Some look like sheep and some like horses. They are conforming to reality and of many postures. The spring bubbles from between the stones with stalactites of all colors reflected in the water, which is quite beautiful in amazing colors.

The middle cave is the entrance of the Shanjuan Cave. On entering the gate, you will see the "large field of lion and elephant", the natural stone hall, which covers an area of 1000 square meters with large-sized stalactites standing at the doorway like guards and surveying every tourist. On both sides of the stone hall stand the huge rock with the shape of blue lion and white elephant, and therefore it acquires the name of "Lion and Elephant Hall".

The lower cave has brilliant scenery with a rural view. Waterfalls come down from the cliff, swashing and running high. The stalactites in this cave are different from those in upper and lower cave. They are of varied shapes and quite beautiful, looking like bananas or lotus. 


The scenery of water cave can be called superb. Spring runs in the valley, which is curved, dark and deep, with the surface of the water as smooth as a mirror. Colored lamps of all styles are reflected in the water and the dense light produces the effect of hallucinations, looking like the dragon palace in East Sea, transparent and dazzling. Abandon the boat and walk to the hinder cave of the Shanjuan Cave. The hinder cave is the place where Shanjuan's culture of Liang and Zhu converges. It has not only "the tomb of Zhu Yingtai's musical instrument and sword in the Jin Dynasty, but also "the place where Zhu Yingtai studied", where the tourists can view and admire the sights and at the same time savor once the love tragedy with a world-wide reputation.

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You can take the special line bus in the urban areas of Wuxi City to Yixing first and then transfer to the tourist route 2 to the scenic area.

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from 07:00 to 17:00

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