Taihu Amusement Park

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Located by the side of Taihu Lake and in the western suburbs of the city of Wuxi, Taihu Amusement Park is a fun choice for all ages.
Covering an area of 120.000 square meters it is a popular destination for both local and foreign visitors who take advantage of the opportunity of spending an amusing family day. Both Chinese and foreign innovative technology is used in the park’s attraction in order to create both fun and secure attractions. 

Thing to do 

Kids and teenagers are thrilled to visit the park’s rides and other games. Younger children have a chance to explore the Fairy Tale Castle, fly in octopus shaped small crafts, learn while being entertained in Monkey Island and Aquatic World, ride Dragon Boats and walk around Fantastic World.
In the meantime teenagers can enjoy themselves by taking thrilling rollercoaster rides, practice driving in Racing Car Tracks and visit Universal World. While the children are having fun enjoying the park’s attractions, parents can window shop at the park’s many different stores or take a walk around the park’s gardens. The whole family can spend some bonding quality time while enjoying a fascinating view from Ferris Wheel and watching three-dimensional films at the film center.
Other attractions in Taihu Amusement Park include Eight Diagram Town, walking on water experience and riding of riffle game. Scattered around the park area, the visitor will discover a vast variety of statues with religious, historical and folk themes. Some of them include the statue of Lao Zi, the founder of Taoism, the famous character from the book of Cervantes Don Quixot, Bodhisattva and an Asian elephant. A totem pole and figures of various cartoon characters are also hidden in different corners of the park.
Taihu Amusement Park offers all kinds of facilities in order to assure the visitors enjoy their visit at most. Souvenir shops, for picking up a couple of memorabilia from your visit, are available throughout Taihu Amusement Park, as well as toilet facilities. Feeling hungry after all the fun rides and other amusements, the visitors can choose between a fine dining experience in the Chinese restaurant of the park or a quick bite at the fast food corner which will give them more time to enjoy the park’s attractions.
Hammocks and reclining chairs, situated on the lawn of Aquatic World, offer some peaceful moments of resting for parents and kids as well. A beautiful rose garden, also placed inside Taihu Amusement Park, is an ideal spot for a break from the rides and games. The visitors can take a nice stroll among several different species of roses and enjoy the rose scented fresh air of the garden. Sino-Japan Friendship Cherry Forest offers magnificent views of cherry blossom in the spring time when the trees bloom with hundreds of pure white and red tiny flowers. Cherry tree is a beloved tree in Japanese culture and giving out such a tree is considered a very nice gesture.

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99 Qianhu Road, Binhu District

How to Get There?

Take bus number 26, 83 and 206.

Ticket Price:

100 Yuan per adult; 50 Yuan per child or adult between 60 and 69 years old; Senior citizens (over 70 years old) of Jiangsu, disabled citizens of Jiangsu and Children shorter than 1.2 meters enter for free

Opening Hours:

 8.30am to 5pm (ticket counter is open from 8.30am until 4pm)

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