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Wuxi Food

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Wuxi Featured Food:

Chinese Cherry Apple Cake

It was created in the Qing Dynasty. It acquired the name because its shape looked like Chinese cherry apple and later became one of Wuxi flavor snacks. Firstly, work the mixture of flour and ferment powder into a paste with cold water. Secondly, spread the surface of the specially made model with a small amount of oil and pour the flour plasm into it. Thirdly, put sweetened bean paste, fresh meat and vegetation lard into it as fillings and cover them with flour plasm again. Fourthly, spread the surface with sweet lard cubes, red and green melon shreds and shelled melon seeds, etc. Lastly, cover the model with an iron sheet which is scattered with white sugar and bake it over the coal stove till the cake is well done. The Chinese cherry apple cake tastes fragrant, sweet and delicious. It tastes best when it is hot.  

Steamed Bun In A Small Bamboo Steamer

It is made of top grade flour with well selected ingredients and steamed in a small bamboo steamer with a flavor of the south. The coat of the steamed bun will not be broken when being picked up. It will not have fractured bottom when being turned over. When you suck the bun, your mouth will be full of gravy. Moreover, it has fresh flavor and is not greasy as well. The bun is tightly leavened with thin coat. It has many fillings and abundant gravy with fresh and fragrant flavor. When the autumn and winter come, the bun is stuffed with ripe crab cream oil, namely, the famous "small steamed bun filled with crab meal", which tastes fresh and delicious.

Square Cakes

It is a famous traditional pastryof Wuxi. In 1943, it is made by introducing and strypping down large square cakes from Huzhou by Wang Yuqing, a chef of Liufang House in Chong’an Temple. The square cakes use the specially made square wooden models. Firstly, sift cake flour into the models and leave them in the concave form. Secondly, put fresh meat, sweetened bean paste and vegetation lard, etc, as the fillings and sift another layer of cake flour onto them. Thirdly, strickle them even and then draw block lines with a knife. Lastly, put them in the bamboo steamer and steam them ripe with roaring fire. The square cakes are white with soft flour and rounded and plump fillings. They always have the rich flavor of the Yangtze River Delta. 

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Oil Dried Bean Curd

It is a traditional snack of Wuxi City. Firstly, slice old bean curds into one centimeter thick, put them into the oil pan one by one and fry them till they turn into golden yellow color. Secondly, put them into the bowl and cut them up with scissors. Lastly, cover the bean curds with seasoners such as ripe soy sauce, sweet flour sauce, minced scallion, minced ginger, crystal sugar, etc before eating. This snack is tender inside and crisp outside with tempting fragrance and therefore is quite liked by citizens.

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Turnip Radish Shred Cake

Firstly, wash the turnip radish and shave it into shreds. Secondly, salt them slightly with a small amount of salt, squeeze water off them, and mix them evenly with minced scallion. Thirdly, make them into a paste with flour and cold water. Fourthly, cover the oval model scoop of white galvanic sheet with flour plasm at the bottom, put the turnip radish paste into it, and cover them with flour plasm again. Lastly, put them into the oil pan and fry them till it turns into the golden yellow color and is detached from the model. It tastes quite delicious.