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Chinese Cherry Apple Cake

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/16

It was created in the Qing Dynasty. It acquired the name because its shape looked like Chinese cherry apple and later became one of Wuxi flavor snacks. Firstly, work the mixture of flour and ferment powder into a paste with cold water. Secondly, spread the surface of the specially made model with a small amount of oil and pour the flour plasm into it. Thirdly, put sweetened bean paste, fresh meat and vegetation lard into it as fillings and cover them with flour plasm again. Fourthly, spread the surface with sweet lard cubes, red and green melon shreds and shelled melon seeds, etc. Lastly, cover the model with an iron sheet which is scattered with white sugar and bake it over the coal stove till the cake is well done. The Chinese cherry apple cake tastes fragrant, sweet and delicious. It tastes best when it is hot.