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Wuxi Shopping

Wuxi Local Products:

Yangxian Famous Tea

Yangxian tribute tea of the Tang Dynasty enjoys a reputation for more than one thousand years. At present the varieties of Jingxi Yunpian and Yangxian Xueya are national-level famous tea. Jingxi Yunpian has a broad, flat, straight and green appearance. The tea has green and bright soup and the leave base is bright green and forms into a flower. Yangxian Xueya is slender, straight and elegant with silver covering like buds stained with snow. The tea has green and transparent soup and the leave base is thin and even, and tender like the tongue of the sparrow. Both teas have pleasant fragrance and thick flavor with sweetness lingering in the mouth.

Huashi Soy Sauce

Huashi soy sauce is also called Dingguo soy sauce made in Huashi of Jiangyin, which was created in 1853(the third year of Xianfengs reign in the Qing Dynasty). It selects high quality beans and flour as ingredients. After the mixture is fermented into sauce, it is subject to exposure day and night for one year till it fully ripens and colors, ready to be made into soy sauce. Therefore, it has deep red color and mellow fragrance, and tastes fresh and delicious. It will not go bad even if it is preserved for a long time.

Taihu Pearl

The Taihu pearl is cultivated with the good quality freshwater of the Taihu Lake coupled with moderate water depth and illumination. Therefore, it has unique natural color and glowing luster. Cixi of the Qing Dynasty once made favorable comments: the south pearl of the east planet is inferior to the freshwater pearl of the Taihu Lake. The craftwork of the Taihu pearl enjoys a world-wide reputation for the design which is better than artificial masterpiece.

Taihu Whitebait

It acquired the name as it has no scales all over the body and is crystal, transparent and as pure white as silver. It has the four varieties of small whitebait, short-mouthed whitebait, toothless whitebait and Xueshi whitebait. The flesh is tender, pure white, tasty with rich protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other elements. Whitebait with cotton rose, fragrant and crisp whitebait and whitebait with scrambled eggs are all superb banquet dishes.

Jade Girl Greengage Wine

The greengage wine Jade Girl Brand is a new fruit wine, which is made of good quality rice wine and high quality greengage introduced from Japan by reorganizing the production process with the aid of advanced technology. It has the effects of promoting the production of the body fluid and quenching thirst, and astringing the lung to arrest persistent cough and astringing intestine to correct diarrhea. It is a beverage suitable for all people without reference to age

Wuxi Juicy Peach

It has thin peel and soft flesh. It is sweet and juicy with rich fragrance. It has few fibers and no worms. It will melt once in the mouth. It is a treasure among peaches.

Jiangyin Saury

The fish body is silvery white, small in size but long and narrow. It has a shape of Miedao (a knife used to cut thin bamboo strips) and the tail gradually narrows down backward. The flesh is fresh, plump but not be tired of. It tastes best when it is steamed simply. Saury generally has soft bones and rich flesh before the Tomb-sweeping Day and the bones stiffen after that festival.

Yixing Lily

Yixing Lily contains elements of many kinds of alkaloid, starch, protein and fat, etc. It has the effects of strengthening by means of tonics, nourishing the lung to arrest cough, reducing fever and causing diuresis, regulating the spleen and invigorating the stomach, and relieving mental stress. It can also play part of the role of Panax ginseng. Fresh lily, lily powder, canned lily sweet water, and lily soup, etc are all sell very well.

Yuqi Glutinous Rice Wine

It selects the top grade fine white glutinous rice as the ingredients and use yellow rice wine preserved for years instead of water. It is made with the traditional curious workmanship of complex fermentation of sourdough and then sealed and preserved for a rather long time. It is a yellow rice wine of rich sweetness.

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