Gulangyu Island

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The Gulangyu Island is located just outside of Xiamen City. It only takes 5 minutes by a steamship to reach the island from Xiamen City. The island is known for its natural beauty, interesting architecture and ancient relics. Gulangyu Island is on the list of top National Scenic Spots in China and is also on the list of top ten scenic locations in the Fujian Province.

Things To Do

The Ring Road circles around the island and allows you to enjoy the sights and beauty of this charming island fully. Gulangyu Island has many beautiful spots and attractions that can be enjoyed, some of which have been listed below:

Sunlight Rock

Sunlight Rock is the highest point on the island and while it may not be very high, it does appear grand when viewed from far. The granite is in the formation of a sun shape, giving it its distinctive name. As the sun rises every morning, sunlight illuminates the Sunlight Temple’s granite as well as the rocks.

Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall

The memorial hall was built for honoring the feat of the heroes such as expelling Dutch colonists a well as the re-occupation of Taiwan. When you wander up the path, you will see several inscriptions by poets. The oldest inscription is 400 years old.

Summer Cave

Moving on, you will be able to see the training grounds for the troops of Zheng Chenggong. The Old Summer Cave is located near the field and is a place for enjoying a cool and pleasant breeze. It is also a beautiful viewing spot for appreciating the island’s scenery. You will be able to enjoy the view of Xiamen City along with Hulishan Battery, Xiamen University and Nanputuo Temple.

Shuzhuang Garden

The garden was originally built in the year 1931 and had once been a private villa. The garden was opened to general public in the year 1955. It has two main parts: the Bushanyuan Garden and the Canghaiyuan Garden. The garden was designed exquisitely to incorporate three important gardening characteristics- combining movements, borrowing from the surroundings and hiding elements.

As you move on and climb the viewing point of Tower of Tide you will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the sea. As you continue to ascend the view changes from a smaller bay to a large ocean. Visitors can get a complete view of the surrounding islands as well as of the Hero Hill and Sunlight Rock.

Other Sights And Attractions

Shuzhuang Gardens are very complex and extremely attractive for visitors. The island is also home to various other sights and attractions such as the Xiamen Museum, Yu Park, Seasight Watch Garden and Bright Moon Garden. The Bright Moon Garden is spread over an area of 23921 sq yards. It offers enchanting views and beauty and is a garden built for Zheng Chenggong, the national hero. Seasight Watch Garden is another appealing location to visit. It is home to villas in styles of the West and China and offers interesting architectural designs.

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How to Get There?

Take the ferry from the Xiamen Ferry Terminal which only takes about 7 minutes. The journey is free outwards and costs CNY8 for the return journey. At privilege times, the ticket is CNY4.
The first ferry departs from Xiamen at 5:45 and the last ferry from Xiamen is at 00:30
The first ferry from Gulangyu is at 5:30 and the last ferry departs at 00:00
Getting around

Ticket Price:

Entry to the Gulangyu Island itself is free.
The All-inclusive ticket: CNY80
Lettering Art Gallery ticket: CNY10
Organ Museum ticket: CNY20
Bright Moon Garden: CNY15
Shuzhuang Garden ticket: CNY30
Sunlight Rock: CNY60

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

You can explore the Gulangyu Island on foot or by the tourist buggy that runs on electricity.

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