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Huaijiu Gulangyu Museum

The Huaijiu Gulangyu Museum was open publicly in May 1st, 2006. The predecessor of the museum is the Germany's Modest Bank and has a long history. It is the red brick building preserved the best on the Gulangyu Island currently. The union flag on the ground in front of door, as if reproducing the scene of cruel killing of China by the Great Powers. There are more than 2000 pieces of Gulangyu concession period of western folklore and articles for daily use on display.


The exhibition is divided into 9 parts including the consulate, the Germany's Modest Bank, Municipal Council, the restaurant, and the dining hall and so on. The exhibits are full of beautiful things in eyes and are full of nostalgic color. In addition to flower in the bottle and the power of the old villa, things in the museum are all antique things.

What to See


The museum exhibits more than 70 antique pianos collected by Mr. Hu Yiyuo carried back from Australia in addition to other one, the Piano Museum. The pianos on display not only have a long history, but range in different shapes and peculiar. The body of the four corners piano made by Clementi in 19 century is the biggest one in the world and the sound is the loudest in the world.

Double keyboards ancient piano made by Shunan, the Piano-produce master, in 1906 has 4 sets of strings, 8 pedals, two layers of the keys and the black and white keys upside down. In addition, there is a royal piano inlays three crowns in the body. The piano with the S shape leg made by Boyd in 1878 and the organ has the most complicated parts made a living as a performer by the buskers can be seen in the museum.

One of the 70 pianos is a special one. It is a full-automatic famous piano called Hanus made in America in 1928. It can realistically play the masterpieces of Beethoven, Chopin, and Brahms using holing ancient music score, making them the background music of the museum and company with the wave sound of Gulangyu Island.

Old Furniture

On the first floor of the villa, there are more than 100 pieces of furniture lying in the over 200 square meter space. Visitors can see wardrobes, office cabinets, wine cabinets, fireplaces, flower stands, chairs, dressers, bookcases, beds and more than 200 types of lamps and lanterns. The vitality of life can be seen everywhere among the collections. Refrigerator without plugging in, fish tank, vertical ice cream bucket, juice extractor, weigher, silverware and even bathtub and sofa are preserved till now.

Nearby Attractions

The Gulang Huandao Road shares the fame of the most beautiful marathon racing track. It is very suitable to ride a tandem with family or lover to appreciate the scenery by the side of sea. Gulangyu Island is charming for spending the summer. Visitors can enjoy the sunrise and the breeze of the wind from the sea. At night, visitors can go to Haiwan Park. There will be live band and vivid atmosphere in the bars.


      No.38 Huangyan Road, Siming District, Xiamen 361002, China

How to Get There?
Visitors can take the bus 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 25 to the Lujiang Road and take on the ferry to Gulangyu Island. The ferry is working from 5: 45 in the morning to 0:30 the next day. There will be a ferry every 10 minutes.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
8: 00 to 18: 00

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