Riyuegu Hot Spring Park

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The Riyegu Hot Spring Park is a AAA Rated National Tourist Attraction and it offers the best facilities to tourists in a serene, relaxing environment. The park is a paradise with the extraordinary beauty of tropical gardens with attractions such as The Bouquet where you can enjoy sweet scents, Herbal Garden where you can get natural remedies and relax on a granite heated up by the hot spring. The old tradition of natural hot springs is transformed and presented in the form of an art to provide tourists with a unique experience.

Things To Do

Swimming Pool

The park is home to a three level beautiful swimming pool with various fun water games, many nozzles and heated water which offers stress relief and treats body pains in the best possible way.

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool

Mineral Egg Springs

The hot spring water includes trace minerals like iron, manganese, calcium, sodium and potassium which bubbles up to its surface from within the earth at the perfect temperature. The eggs which are placed in the spring cook to a beautiful, soft texture and also absorb the hot spring’s minerals which increases its nutritional value and supplements the everyday mineral intake.

The Peacock Hut

The Ming Lake is peaceful and tourists can take a walk around the lake and enjoy the beautiful display of colorful resident peacocks.

Beach Volleyball

The park has a sandy volleyball area where visitors can enjoy a game during the sunny days.

Enjoy a game of the ancient sport of archery which was invented first thousands of years ago for hunting. Archery can help improve patience, stability and vision. It is a great exercise since it utilizes all the muscles of the chest and arms.


Enjoy nature at its finest. The hot, fresh spring water bubbles up to the surface from this twelve meter wide spring. You can also view the inscribed plaque near the springs which comes from Ming Dynasty and praises the heavens for the natural spring.

Lotus Island

The exotic Lotus Island floats amidst fresh lotus flowers and is filled with a beautiful range of sprays, whirlpools and water jets to knead, pound and pummel your muscles for perfect relaxation.

The Bouquet

This attraction offers you the opportunity to relax amidst the scent of floral bouquets.

Watering Hole

A great place to enjoy the sweet intoxication and take some time off to think.

Herbal Garden

The garden has a wide variety of fine herbs which are brewed in the spring water. Herbal healing is a great way to provide your body a boost of fitness.

Hot Stones

The hot spring fresh water flows under the granite slabs continuously and heats them up. Lie on the stones to absorb their warmth. This is a great way to treat arthritis and painful joints.

Hot Sand Springs

Enjoy the texture of fine sand as the heat seeps through to your body. The sand is heated by the hot springs to provide you with embracing warmth. It is a great experience for those who like beaches.

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1888 Fulian Road, Haicang District, Xiamen , China 361027

How to Get There?

Driving Time and Distance
Gaogi International Airport, Xiamen- 30 minutes, 30 Km
Zhong Shan Road- 35 minutes, 28 km
Lundu Matou- 35 minutes, 28 km
Xiamen Railway Station- 35 minutes, 30 km

Bus Route
If you are travelling from the Xiamen Island, you can take a bus to the Haicang District. To arrive at the Hot springs, change to the route 814 or 450.

804 Route (Bus arrives every 40 minutes)
Wenping Railway Station to Hubin East Road to Rencai Center to Haicang Bridge to Riyegu Hotsprings Resort

Xiamen - Z Hangzhou Bus
Hubin South Station to Haicang Bridge to Xinglin to Guankou to Riyegu Hotspring Resort

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

7 days a week- 10 am to Midnight 12

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