Seashore bathing place of Gulangyu

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Xiamen is an island city and is known to be very rich when it comes to its coast line and its beaches. Gulangyu alone has several natural and frequently used seashore bathing places which are very popular with tourists.

Some of the most popular seashore bathing places in Gulangyu are Dadeji, the Bright Moon Garden’s bathing place, Meihua’s bathing place, the Gangzai bathing place and the Sea-Watching Garden’s seashore bathing place.

Xiamen has been blessed with a warm year round temperature and sandy beaches. A combination of both of these makes it a highly popular place for those who want to take a break and enjoy basking in the sun. A great option is to relax on one of the beaches of the city such as Huangcuo, Dadeng Tri-Islet, Meihua, Dadeji and the beaches of Gulangyu. Those who are a little more adventurous can try water sports or golf at the largest golf course in Asia. Chungshan is a great place to shop and the views are always picturesque.

The Natural Bathing Places Around Gulangyu

There are several great seashore bathing places around Gulangyu Island. With fine sands and gentle slopes, these beautiful bathing grounds are appropriate for swimming as well as leisure. Visitors often enjoy themselves by swimming in the cool sea water, enjoying the beautiful views, the calming waves while listening to the soft piano music coming from the distance.

Various Bathing Grounds to Select From

Visitors on the Gulangyu Island have many bathing grounds to select from such as Meihua, Dadeji and Gangzaihou along with the bathing grounds located in the Viewing Sea Garden and Bright Moon Garden. Among all of these options available, the Gangzaihou bathing grounds are the most popular.

The Gangzaihou Bathing Ground

This particular bathing place is located west of Shuzhuang Garden. In Gangzaihou, the sea surfacing is often known as the golden belt water. Soft fine sands, peaceful waves, slow flow of water and gentle slopes make it a perfect and relaxing place for families. The water temperature is over 20 degrees for as many as five months each year.

It is also suitable for swimming six months annually. With its beautiful scenery, high water quality and fine sand it is a great natural bathing place. It also offers motorboats, yachts and various other facilities. The National Sailing Boats Championship in 1998 had been held here.

Gulangyu Island - A Paradise

The coastal island of Gulangyu is a paradise and a very popular attraction in eastern China. Whether you are visiting for a day or for a few weeks, this beautiful island offers plenty of attractions. Visitors are deeply fascinated by the tranquil lifestyle of the locals, the old legends and the beautiful natural scenery. The island only covers an area of less than 2 sq km but it has a unique ambiance and amazing natural beauty which draws a huge number of visitors each year. The island is located right off the coast of the Xiamen City.

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How to Get There?

To get to the Seaside bathing place of Gulangyu, take the ferry for Gulangyu from Xiamen City. The bathing places are a short walk from there.

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Right Time to visit
February to April is the best time to visit the seashore bathing places of Gulangyu since the weather is not very hot or too cold during this time. The sea side is pleasant and the water temperature is right. Spend hours basking in the warm sunlight, ride a bicycle, swim in the beautiful water. The sea breeze is refreshing and relaxing. Sunsets are the perfect time for a seaside stroll and to enjoy the beautiful piano music.

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