Ten Thousand Stones Mountain

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Ten-thousand Stone Mountain is a mountain with picturesque landscape in the urban areas of Xiamen. It is a part of Gulangyu-Ten-thousand Stone Mountain, the national-level scenic spot and historic site, including Taiping Mountain, Semi-ridge Mountain, Zhongyan Mountain, Balcony Mountain and Waiqing Mountain, Five Gentlemen Mountain, Bell Mountain, Drum Mountain, Tiger Mountain, etc, covering a building area of 32.96 square kilometers.

Natural Views

The mountain is scattered with many ancient Xiamen landscape, such as "Ten-thousand Hu (hand-board in ancient time) pointing the sky", "Laughing Rock of Peace", "Jade Hu in Middle Rock", "Qin Cave of Reading aloud", "Purple cloud Gaining the Path, "Morning bell in Heaven", "Night Moon at Tiger Brook", "White Deer Retaining Smoke", "Afterglow at the Balcony", "Sounds of Pines at Longevity Mountain". Of which a few have passed into oblivion and most are well protected with constant shimmering bright. There is a "lock clouds" stone where Zheng Chenggong, a national hero, in order to resist Qing Dynasty and resume the sovereignty of Taiwan, maneuvered to trap and kill Zhenglian who entrenched Xiamen to seize the military leadership. There are also the reading place of Zheng Chenggong and his military camps, the stone house where Chen An, the grandfather of Xiamen during the Tang Danysty, read and wrote and his fishing rock and the historic sites, such as the "Holy Spring" where the crownling of South Song drank spring scooped up with both hands when passing by Xiamen.

Cliff Carvings

Began in 1982 and completed in 1988, more than 400 cliff carvings by the nationally known calligraphers, Sha Menghai, Fei Xinwo, Lai Shaoqi, Liu Haisu and Yuyu and the Xiamen calligrapher, Luo Dan as well as Liang Piyun from Macau and Xueshan from Japan, which forms a new forest of tablet and adds new cultural connotations to Ten-thousand Stone Mountain.


On the Ten-thousand Stone Mountain there are also 11 temples of different scales, including Lotus Temple of Ten-thousand Stone, rock in cloud temple, Peace Rock Temple, Tiger Brook Rock, White Deer Cave Temple, purple bamboo forest temple, Longevity rock temple, Nectar temple, etc. The female student department of South Fujian Buddhist institute is founded in Purple bamboo forest temple. Buddhist culture and Gardening plants culture blend harmoniously together, forming a unique sight.

The other scenic spots in Ten-thousand Stone Botanical Garden are Laughing Rock of Peace, Tiger Brook Rock, Morning Bell in Heaven, Ten-thousand Hu (hand-board in ancient time) Pointing the Sky, White Deer Cave, New Forest of Tablet, Elephant-nose Peak and Lock Clouds Stone, etc.

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Get there by Route17 and Route 87 buses

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40 yuan

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