Tong An Film and Television City

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The Tong'an Film and Television City totally occupies an area of 1000 mu. It is an entertainment city having artificial landscape in the style of ancient times. It is a palace built in the style of the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace) in Beijing, with the Gate of Heavenly Peace, Hall of Supreme Harmony and Hall of Heart Nourishing of, the Long Corridor of the Summer Palace and a street full of the atmosphere of Ming and Qing dynasties as its main buildings.

The keynote for the first phase of construction of the City is magnificent, resplendent and full of ancient feelings. The Gate of Heavenly Peace is one fourth smaller than that of Beijing, adopting the large timber structure, cornices and bracket sets, carved beams and painted rafters with delicate craftsmanship. It is both ancient and simple and resplendent.

On the rooftop of the towers, the ridges of the palace is decorated with more than ten mascots such as dragons, phoenix, lions, sea horses, heavenly horses, ancient goats, monkeys, kylins and spirits, etc. The Hall of Supreme Harmony, also called the Hall of Golden Throne, is smaller than that of Beijing but with identical decorations and furnishings. The long corridor is also in the style of that of the Summer House in Beijing, with the total length of 410 meters. The street of Ming and Qing dynasties is buildings of private citizens mainly in the style of residential buildings in Old Beijing in the Ming and Qing dynasties. There are also 38 stores in the style of grand old stores in the city of Beijing, with each store one fourth smaller. Blue bricks and gray roof tiles coupled with the color of appearance of buildings in Beijing give us the feelings of Old Beijing.

On the right side of the Gate of Heavenly Peace is the Children's Playground, where parents and children share joys. It is a wonderland that combines children's thinking with high technology. There are such games as pokers and jump balls, miracle zone, the portal of interstellar, wonderful rainbow. It is a fantastic place for broadening experiences and amusement teaching. Located below the Hall of Supreme Harmony, with all sorts of lifelike dinosaurs among the green shades and exotic stones, the Dinosaur World of Jurassic Period vividly reproduces the ecology of dinosaurs using the most modern scientific technology and let tourists experience the wonder of Jurassic nature.

The other scenic spots in Tong'an Scenic Area are Fantian Temple, Confucius Temple of Tong'an, Former House of Su Song, Twelve Dragon Pools of North Mountain, Tong'an Museum and Three Islands of Dacheng, etc

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No.610 bus

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30 yuan

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