Xiamen Underwater Sea World

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Exploring the wonders that lies beneath the sea is no longer a difficult feat. All thanks to the Xiamen Underwater Sea World, people have the chance to witness the beauty that is found only under the ocean without really swimming depths of water.

For people who are spending time in mainland China, this is a place that should be a part of the itinerary. There may be other aquarium attractions within the area but the Xiamen Underwater Sea World is one of the most outstanding of all.

This place really lives up to its name because it features different sights which can be found at the bottom of the sea. Of course, there are various sea creatures and fishes. Aside from those, this attraction also features coral reefs, rock formations, plants and a whole lot of other amazing finds. It is a place that would thrill and entertain not just the kids but also the adults.

Things To Do

The Xiamen Underwater Sea World is a place that attracts thousands of tourists all year round. It is a destination which allows people to have more knowledge about the majestic view that is found underneath the magnificent ocean. People would not only be able to see various types of fishes. There are also sharks, dolphins and other rare species. To make things even better, the Xiamen Underwater Sea World also dedicated a section for river-dwelling creatures. Hence, a tour around this place would really allow one to see things that have never been witnessed before.

The giant aquarium set-up in the Xiamen Underwater Sea World is definitely jaw-dropping. It makes guests feel like they are actually immersed into deep waters without really getting wet. Because of the thick see through glass which encloses the over scale aquariums, visitors are able to closely watch the fishes and sea animals as they gracefully swim around.

To complete the experience of exploring the world under the sea, guests should also check out the underwater tunnel that is 1.5 meters wide. This is 80 meters long and the ceiling and walls are made of glass. The other side is already a big aquarium which holds thousands of fishes. Hence, as tourists walk in inside the tunnel, they can really feel what it is like to be deep into the ocean.

The Xiamen Underwater Sea World offer extra fun for both kids and adults. It is a common misconception that sharks are scary and people should stay away from them. In this place, that impression is going to change. There is a section in Xiamen Underwater Sea World which is dedicated for baby sharks. For a minimal fee, guests would be able to feed them and watch as they devour the shark food. It is a blood-rushing experience that is quite impossible to forget.

There are plenty of mini-attractions which can be found inside the Xiamen Underwater Sea World. Among which are the Penguin & Fresh-Water Fish Zone, Dolphin Zone, Ocean Zone and Sperm Whale Specimen Zone. Yes, all these sections are definitely worth seeing because of the interesting sights. However, it can be safely said that the Dolphin Zone is the most popular among all these. It is because the dolphins are very adorable. Aside from that, there are also times when the dolphins hold their performances along with their trainers to be able to show their talent to tourists.

Solo Adventure Tips:


 2 Longtou Road, Xiamen

How to Get There?

Take the bus no. 2, 8, 11, 12, 19, 23

Ticket Price:

130 yuan

Opening Hours:

8:00 am to 6:00 pm

More Tips:

During Mondays to Sundays, there are four different scheduled shows for the dolphins and sea lions. There are two shows in the morning and two shows in the afternoon.

Scheduled turtle, dolphin and sea lion shows: 93011301430 and 1630 from Monday to Friday; 93011301400 and 1630 (Saturday and Sunday)

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