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Xiamen Transport

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Air Transport

Xiamen International Airport is merely 10 kilometers from the downtown. It is one of the four leading international airports in China after Beijing , Shanghai and Guangzhou . It has opened to navigation with more than 40 large and medium cities at home. It also has direct flight to and from Hong Kong , Macao, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila and Osaka. There are buses to the railway station from the airport with a ticket of 1 RMB. The last bus leaves at 22:30. No matter where you go, you can get to the railway station first and then transfer the bus.

Xiamen international airport
Phone number: 5730015
Fax number: 5730530
Postal code: 361006

Xiamen Airline
Phone number: 573900
Fax number:5739091
Postal code:361009

Huangshan Airport is going to open a new air route: Xi’an–Huangshan–Xiamen, on March 27, 2011, with the aircraft type of A319. The flight is once a day. Passengers can call these phone numbers for advisory service: 0559-2934160, 0559-2934111, 0559-2541222 and 0559-2934143.


The flight number is JD5287. The flight departures at 14:00 from Xi’an and arrives in Huangshan at 15:30. Then the flight departures from Huangshan at 16:20 and arrives in Xiamen at 17:25.


The flight number is JD5288. The flight departures from Xiamen at 18:20, and arrines in Huangshan at 19:05. Then it departures from Huangshan at 20:05, and arrives in Xi’an at 21:50. 

Railway Transport

Xiamen Island is connected to the mainland by the causeway crossing the sea. Railways can go straight to urban areas of Xiamen. The Xiamen railway station is located at the crossroad between Xiahe Road and Hudong Road, which can be reached by several buses, mainly including Route 16, Route18, Route 21, Route25, Route 26, Route28, Route37, and so on. Come out of railway station and go west along Xiahe Road, and you can reach the dock where you can leave for Gulangyu Island. 


The Fuzhou- Xiamen -Shantou highway is the traffic artery of Fujian Province. Xiamen has tens of buses every day taking passengers to Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Z Hangzhou , Longyan, Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Shantou, and so on. There is a Wucun coach station on the Xiahe Road, diagonally opposite to the railway station. It takes about three and a half hours from Xiamen to Fuzhou. The prices of tickets are between 60 and 90 RMB depending on different types of vehicles. 

City Transportation


The main bus routes in urban areas of Xiamen cost only 1 RMB for the whole route. It costs 2 RMB for air-conditioned bus in the summer. Some relatively long routes cost 2 or 3 RMB. Be sure to carry small changes. The traffic of Xiamen is very convenient and the routes are relatively simple. There are three traffic junctions in Xiamen, namely, Xiamen University, Ferry and Railway station. Therefore, as long as you stay near these three spots, it will be safe and convenient for you to get to all the scenic spots. Moreover, there are special line mini buses with a blue body. There are names of starting and ending stops on the forward part of these buses. They can pick up passengers freely at non-fixed stops and places outside forbidden areas (stops at your waving). The bus fare accumulates from 1RMB. It is paid according to the actual route reaching the destination. Mini buses are characterized by convenience and flexibility, whereas sometimes it may take more time to wait for passengers.


There are a good number of taxies in Xiamen. The taxi fare is 8 yuan for the first three kilometers plus 2 yuan for each additional kilometer. There generally hangs a piece of board not far from bus stops: temporary boarding and descending spots of taxies and mini buses. There are special areas for taxies to pick up passengers at the gate of large stores, shopping centers. Passengers queue as they do at the airport in good order.

Taxi and Bus Service

Telephone number: 5615610
Fax number: 6013390
Address: Operating office at No.50 Tongyi Road
Postal code: 361012


Xiamen bicycles for rent centers along the Huandao Road with a deposit of 300 to 500 RMB. 


Deepwater and tranquil, Xiamen port is an excellent natural harbor in South China. Ten thousand tons of ships can also have a clear passage. There are weekly passenger liners commuting between Xiamen and Hongkong. The liner leaves Xiamen for Hongkong at 5 p.m. every Wednesday and leaves Hongkong for Xiamen at 2 p.m. every Tuesday. There are also regular direct transportation of freighters between Xiamen and Gaoxiong.

Xiamen Ship Company
Telephone number: 2053370
Address: No.120 Jialianhua Mansion at No.85 Dazhong Road
Postal code: 361001