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Xian Food

Xi'an, one of Chinese ancient cities, is not only famous for its ancient culture and scenic spots, it is also well-known for its prosperous food and beverage industry. Foods in Xi'an are quite different from the rest of China; especially compared with more easterly regions. You can see a delicious combination of Chinese cooking with Muslim and other traditions. What is more, the delicious cates are gathered here with 8 cooking systems of China, European and American style food, Japanese food, Korean barbecue and snack of Southeast Asia as well as Moslem food. The local food is very famed at home and abroad. And a kind of modern cuisine system with Tang cuisine as traditional one and Shaanxi cuisine as main one has been appeared. Because of its long development as a culture, the cuisine of Xi'an is extensive as well. It is the representative of food of Northwestern China. It is unbootable that the renowned Xianese snack, Xi'an Dumplings Banquet and other Xi'an foods will keep your stomach satisfied and add more special interest and funny to your tourist in Xi'an.

Your kids will love to see the Terracotta Army!

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