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Dumpling Banquet

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2017/4/25

Dumpling is one of the most widely loved flour food by people in north China.  The fillings are chopped meat or vegetable, mixed with the condiments. It's Chinese's custom to eat dumplings on the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and the Winter Solstice. Dumpling Banquet is a featured snack innovated on the basis of traditional recipe by Xi'an Jiefang Road Dumpling Restaurant and De Fa Chang Dumpling Restaurant.  Dumplings they offer are exquisite in selection of ingredients, vivid in shapes, diversified in fillings, clear and fragrant in taste and rich in nutrition. The dumplings turned out are superior in all of their colors, aromas, tastes and shapes.

For the time being, Dumpling Banquet has nearly 120 varieties and is divided into ten categories, such as Palace Banquet, Eighth Precious Banquet, Dragon and Phoenix Banquet, Peony Banquet and Flowers Banquet etc. The banquet is known as "one dumpling one shape, hundred dumplings hundred tastes". Dumpling Banquet adopts steaming, boiling, frying, baking, toasting and other culinary methods to make various dumplings with different tastes, such as salty, fresh, hot, pungent, sour, sweet, sweet and sour, Sichuan-style, spiced and hot etc. Besides the seasonings and meat, the banquet also takes shark's fins, sea cucumber, hedgehog fungus, peach kernel, squid and many other foods from sea and land as the ingredients for its fillings. What's more, the specialties such as black rice, peach kernel and persimmon are also taken as the fillings.

These two dumpling restaurants mentioned above have won great reputation for dumpling banquet both at home and abroad, even awarded the "Golden Tripod Prize" by the Ministry of Commerce.

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