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Last updated by xiaoyanzi at 2017/5/20

Making Dumplings at Han Tang Tian Xia Restaurant

Dumpling, also called Jiaozi, is one part of Chinese culture. Making and eating dumpling with meat and vegetable stuffings are popular during the New Year Festival. People in North China would like to have dumplings during the festival.

Han Tang Tian Xia Restaurant is a high-quality elegant and spacious restaurant, offering home cook dishes and excellent dumpling meals. Here, you can enjoy a vivid course for making dumplings and have a fun to make dumplings. Our teacher shares some basic skills for making dumpling, and enjoys fruits dishes which are prepared by you.

How to make dumplings?
1. Our tour guide shows you full illustrations of making dumpling.
2. The chef at Han Tang Tian Xia Restaurant shows you how to make dumplings in person. You can learn and enjoy how to make dumplings by yourself.
3. Learn how to make different types of dumplings such as rose-shape dumplings.
4. Taste dumplings which are made by yourself.

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