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Jiasan guantang steamed bun (steamed buns with sauces inside)

Last updated by Lovechina at 2017/5/20

With the most resounding and biggest reputation in Xi'an, Jiasan Guangtang steamed bun shapes like pomegranate ( pomegranate is symbol of good wish to the local custom).The reason why people make the bun like this is that they want to express their kind blessings to the consumer of that food.

The culinary skill in making Guangtang steamed bun is very strict, using the Qinchuan beef as the stuffing and the cow marrow to make soup. The skin of the steamed bun is as thin as paper, the color is as bright as the crystal. The filling is tender with sauce inside, the condiments are fragrant. Put the steam bun into the little bamboo steamer to steam well-done over a blazing fire and then serve the table. This dish tastes the best  if eaten with eight treasure porridge (a sweet rice porridge filled with peanuts, sultanas, hawthorn, and meddler berries) or black rice thick soup. It is really a good combination of colors, aromas and tastes.

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