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Xiao Zhai

Last updated by honey at 2017/4/15

Xiao Zhai, nicknamed the Student City, is along the road named Chang'an Lu that stretches from the South Gate all the way to the southern outer suburbs of the city. Xiao Zhai is also called The Student City, which is a wonderful place for everyone young, hip and happening. Xiao Zhai is the right place for you to see extreme haircuts, extreme fashion styles, or to get one of those hair cuts yourself. Besides, The Student City is an assembly of mazelike shopping malls, all kinds of bars, restaurants, covered markets and so on.

Baihui Market, one of those fake-brand markets, is just located in Xiao Zhai. Lots of local youngsters do their shopping in Baihui Market for its fashion but low-price commodity. Sport shoes should be less than ¥150, pullovers and nice jeans sometimes less than ¥100, lots of cheap fashion accessories. This is also a great place for DVDs and CDs.

Xiao Zhai has every kind of strange shop you can imagine and it is really a nice place to shop, eat or just observe the ways of a new generation of Chinese people.

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