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Xian Transport

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Xi'an Xianyang International Airport is situated in the suburb of the city of Xianyang, 50 km from the downtown of Xi'an. It takes about 80 to 100 Yuan and less than one hour to go to the airport from central Xi'an by taxi. As the fourth largest airport in China, there are several flights to and from Xi'an to the major tourist stops such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Urumqi and other cities. There are also a few flights to Lhasa and Hong Kong as well as international flights to Thailand, South Korea, North Korea and Japan. The airport has opened up airlines directly bound for Taiwan. The airport shuttle buses run from 6 a. m. until 6 p.m. Six bus routes connect the airport and central Xi'an. The departure time of the buses at airport depends on the arrival time of the flights. The buses leave at the starting point in downtown at every sharp hour. The bus fare, regardless of route and direction, is 25 Yuan per person. For further information, please dial 029-88791384 or 029-88798780.

Six Bus Routes:
Route 1: Airport – Bell Tower ( Meilun Hotel ) – Xi'an Hotel
Route 2: Airport – Qinfeng Hotel-Train Station (Liberation Hotel)
Route 3: Airport – Qindu Hotel-Xishaomen – Torch Tower (High-tech Economic and Development Zone)
Route 4: Airport – Tangcheng Hotel – Oriental Hotel – International Trade Center ( Xiaozhai )
Route 5: Airport – Queen Hotel – Jianguo Hotel
Route 6: Airport – Xianyang Train Station – Weicheng Middle School – Xianyang Municipal Government – Minsheng Shopping Mall – Caihong Hotel

It is easy to take a taxi to the airport in Xi'an, the fare is between 80 and 100 Yuan.

Huangshan Airport is going to open a new air route: Xi’an–Huangshan–Xiamen, on March 27, 2011, with the aircraft type of A319. The flight is once a day. Passengers can call these phone numbers for advisory service: 0559-2934160, 0559-2934111, 0559-2541222 and 0559-2934143.


The flight number is JD5287. The flight departures at 14:00 from Xi’an and arrives in Huangshan at 15:30. Then the flight departures from Huangshan at 16:20 and arrives in Xiamen at 17:25.


The flight number is JD5288. The flight departures from Xiamen at 18:20, and arrines in Huangshan at 19:05. Then it departures from Huangshan at 20:05, and arrives in Xi’an at 21:50.


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