Ancient Huangsiqiao City

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In ancient times, Ancient Huangsiqiao City was named Weiyang City. It was first built in the second year of Chuigong in Tang Dynasty ( 686 A.D. ) This city enjoys a history of more than 1300 years. In 39 of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty ( 1700 A.D. ), the imperial court had set Fenghuang Zhiliting and Ruanyongjing Bingbei Dao to appease and put down minority nationality. In 59 of Qianlong ( 1794 A.D. ), the largest Miao uprising in history broke out here. After this uprising, Qing Dynasty declines. Ancient Huangsiqiao City is a part of the southern Great Wall and is the contended foremost position between Miao people and Han people.

The building of the ancient city is bluestone structure. The city wall is 5.6 meters high, 2.9 meters thick, and 2.4 meters wide. It covers 2900 sq.m. The stones used for building the city are all Qingguang Stones of limestone. Even the smallest stone weights more than 500 kilo. While laying the stones, they use glutinous rice porridge as building starch to fill up the crevice. By this way, the city wall of several hundred meters becomes a unified entity which is firm and durable. In the ancient city, there are three city gates, “Heyu Gate”, “Shicheng Gate”, and“Riguang Gate.”On each of the three gates, there is tall and big gate tower of more than 10 meter’s high that shares the building structure of Qing Dynasty. The roofs of all the three gate towers are in the style of Xieshan. Its lower layer is covered by waist eave. Small blue tiles on it, upturned eaves, and raking angles make the gate tower especially magnificent. The upper part of the city wall is in the shape of saw and chisel. There are 300 arrow battlements and 2 extrusive gun emplacements.

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From Fenghuang County to Ancient Huangsiqiao City, you may go by taxi. It costs 80 RMB to take a Sottona. You may also get to Huaungsiqiao by taking a bus to Alaying at Fenghuang County. ( 3 RMB )

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