Dehang Miao Village

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Here, the mountain terrain is free and easy with flowing rhythm and the precipice is tall and erect. The overlapping peaks form many bluffs, cliffs, waterfalls, and virgin forests. In the scenic spot, the sprinlets and rivers crisscross, and it is like spring all the year round with pleasant climate. It has rich animal and plant resources, and pretty and charming natural landscape. Walking upstream along the sprinlet for 4 km from Aizhai Town to Dehang Miao Village, you may enjoy a pastoral setting formed by scoop waterwheel, water roller, ancient ferry, and little boat along the bank accompanied by Diaojiaolou of Miao people. Jiulong sprinlet runs through the village. All around the village, the scenery of mountain is quiet and exquisite and the precipices erect as chopped. Passed stone arch bridge, you may climb Pangu Peak which is more than 400 meters high. On the top of the mountain, there are two peaks, a big one and a small one. The top is a knotty virgin forest and is more than 5 ha. Wide. All around the top are precipices. Sceneries of the neighborhood is in full view from the top of the peak.

The scenic spot is a region where Miao people inhabit together. Our Miao fellows communicate with each other in Miao language in daily life. The song serves as their matchmaker. They love freely. Girls like wearing silver ornamental articles and collarless clothes with embroidery. Men like wearing leg wrappings and Duijinyi( a kind of Chinese-style jacket with bottons down the front ), and blowing Muye ( a kind of tree ). They plant mulberry and rear silkworm, do spinning and weaving. Their handmade fabric are of superb craftsmanship. They extract oil, make paper, and mill rice with ancient methods, and irrigate the field with scoop waterwheel. When spring comes, on the bank of sprinlet, there are strings of scoop waterwheel. There are more than 30 folklore travel items of Tongcaobai Festival, being guest in Miao family, singing in antiphonal style at the doorway, proposing toast, dancing with song evening party of Miao people, corroboree, drum dance of Miao people, seeing off the guest with torches and so on. Traveling at Dehang, you may fully experience the ancient folklore and the beauty of the nature by extracting oil, making paper, weaving, and milling rice yourself. You will feel that you have stepped into a beautiful and old fairy world.

Tianmen Mountain is the marvellous highway landscape of the artery of 319 state highway. ( It was called Xiangchuan highway.) From bottom to top, you need to arrive at the peak by passing through 13 curves. The mountain terrain is dangerously precipitous. Close to the peak, there is a highway bridge which is seldom seen in China. On the top of the mountain, there are two bronze statues, “Monument to the Martyrs in Constructing Xiangchuan Highway” and “Pathfinder Pioneers.”

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You may take a bus from Fenghuang to Jishou at Fenghuang bus station and get off at Dehang. ( There is about one and a half hour’s drive. ) At Jishou railway station, there is special rail line to Dehang for tourism. ( There is 40 minute’s drive.)

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