Miaojiang Great wall

Miaojiang Great wall was built during the years of Wanli in Ming Dynasty ( 1573-1620. ) Its full length is 190 km.

The city wall is about 3 meters high. Its basement is about 2 meters wide. The top of it is 1 meter wide. It revolves around mountains and cuts across water. The most part of it is built on the precipitous ridges. On the way, there are more than 800 whistle terrace, gun emplacement, blockhouse, and outpost used for stationing troops and defending. At that time, on the way, often there is a troop of 4000-5000 soldiers. At its most, there are 7000 soldiers.

In Ming Dynasty, Miao people on the border area of Hunan and Guizhou are divided into two groups, strange Miao and familiar Miao. Strange Miao are those minority nationality people who disobey administration of the imperial government. They often start an uprising because of the unendurable exorbitant taxes, miscellaneous levies, and ethnic oppression from the government. In order to pacify the border area and suppress resistance, Ming imperial government allocates 2000 kg. silver to build a Great Wall between strange Miao and familiar Miao. The rulers of Qing Dynasty has made some supplement and erection to Miaojiang Great Wall later. Maybe because the military strength of the southern minority nationality is not so formidable a that of the northern minority nationality, Miaojiang Great Wall is built not as grand and powerful as the northern Great Wall. The stones of Miaojiang Great Wall is only 1/10-1/6 of those of the northern Great Wall.

Since Ming and Qing Dynasties, the stones of Miaojiang Great Wall are constantly taken by the local people to build house and pit. Today we can only see the city wall a little here and a little there, and some well preserved castle. Presently, nobody has surveyed on the line how much of Miaojiang Great Wall is preserved.

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In Fenghuang County, there is chartered vehicle going there.

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a whole day

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