Qiliang Cave

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Qiliang Cavity is located in Qiliangqiao Town, that is to the north of the ancient city. It is on the left side of Jifeng highway. The entrance of the cavity is like an open mouth of a giant dragon. Its entrance is more than 50 meters high and more than 20 meters wide. A clear sprinlet runs through the dissolved cavern. The cavity is more than 6000 meters long. In the cavity, there are five major sceneries, “ancient battlefield”, “gallery”, “heaven”, “dragon palace”, and “Yinyang River.”

It is said that during the last years of Qing Dynasty, Heche, the headman of Tu people, assembled a crowd to revolt against the feudal officials. They took city and village, and carried all before them. The imperial government sent three Yang brothers as commanders in chief to put down the uprising. They were defeated by Heche with three magic weapons,“Zhuiming Drum”, “Mihun Tambour”, and “Lotus Umbrella.”Later because of the traitor’s betraying, the three magic weapons were destroyed. The revolting people retreated into Qiliang Cavity and all the officers and men died in this battle. Up to now, among the people, one story is handed down for generations, “36 men killed 9000 and died at the entrance of Qiliang Cavity.” On the cliff that is on the right bank of the sprinlet, a “Lotus Umbrella” is hung. It produces sound while the water runs through it. It is said that this lotus umbrella is the protective magic weapon of Heche.

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You may go by bus to Qiliang Cavity at Fenghuang town bus station. The ticket is 3 RMB.

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