Shanjiang Miao Village

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Shanjiang Miao Village is also known as Zongbingying, Bagu in Miao language. It is located in one valley 20 km to the northwest of ancient Fenghuang City. It is a small mountain village with strong life manner of Miao people. Shanjiang is Bagu In Miao language. It means toad cavity. It is named so because beside the village, there is a cavern in which there are manny toads.

Naming Shanjiang as Zongbingying is because the stationed troop has set a barrack of company commanders when Qing government is suppressing the uprising of Miao people. So far as naming it Shanjiang, it is because after liberation, Shanjiinag reservoir is built on the northwest mountain of the village. Because Miao village lacks water, so after the reservoir is accomplished, there is a dreadful squash of visitors. Because people call“Bagu”Shanjiang, so in the course of time, the name of this administrative region is changed into “Shanjiang.”

Shanjiang keeps the ancient customs of Miao people, bright-colored Miao clothes, Lanmen wine with unique appeal, Kagu, Lanlu song and Bianbianchang with particular style, and traditional festivals, Dancing-moon-dancing-flower on Apr., 8 and antiphonal singing of folk song on June, 6 according to lunar calendar.

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You may get there by taking a bus to Shanjiang Miao Village at Fenghuang Town bus station. The ticket is 3 RMB.

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a whole day

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