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Xiangxi Travel Guide

Xiangxi Tujiazu Miaozu Autonomous Prefecture is in the northwestern part of Hunan province, and is bound by Hubei, Guizhou province, and Chongqing city. Its acreage is 15486 sq. km. Within the confines of Xiangxi, there are minority nationalities, such as Tujiazu, Miaozu, Huizu, Yaozu, Dongzu, Baizu, and so on. Its population is 2.6458 million among which there are 1.05 million Tujia people and 860,000 Miao people. People of minority nationalities covers 72.9 percent of its total population. It administers Jishou city and seven counties, Longshan, Yongshun, Baojing, Huayuan, Guzhang, Fenghuang, and Luxi county.

Since ancient times, Xiangxi is the throat of two provinces, Hunan and Sichuan. It enjoys long history, exotic landscape, and simple folkways. Within its confines, there are gorgeous natural scenes, and unique and mystical sceneries of humanities. Here, ridges and peaks roll over one another, trees are towering, brooks and rivers crisscross, cavities are in groups, and famous scenic spots are attractive. Here, there is not only the quicksand fall which has the biggest drop in China, but also an ancient building, Laosicheng Grandmaster Hall with exquisite craft and unique style. Nature’s superlative craftsmanship makes this beautiful and blessing land.

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Jishou City

Jishou City is located in the border area of the western part of Hunan and the central hinterland of Wuling Mountain Area which is in the border area of three provinces and one city, Xiang ( Hunan ), E ( Hubei ), Qian ( Guizhou ), and Yu ( Chongqing.) It is the capital of Xiangxi Tujiazu Miaozu Autonomous Prefecture and the political, economic, cultural, transportation, science and technology, and information center of the whole prefecture. Zhiliu railway passes through it from north to south, and state highway 209 and 319 intersect here. It is 120 km away from Zhangjiajie, a bright pearl of landscape, and 50 km away from Mengdong River. Jishou is also an important center of materials distribution, commercial trade, tour distribution, science and technology, culture, sanitation, industry, and economy of the border area of three provinces and one city, Xiang ( Hunan ), E ( Hubei ), Qian ( Guizhou ), and Yu ( Chongqing.)

Xiangxi Travel Ideas

Xiangxi Transport

There is no airport in Xiangxi. If you need to go to Xiangxi by air, you should first go to Lotus Airport at Zhangjiajie or Daxing Airport at Tongren, Guizhou that are near to Xiangxi, and then get there by bus. Telephone of Ticket Booking ( Guizhou Tongren Airport ) : 0856-5938066、5213222、52

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