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Xiangxi Food

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Xiangxi Featured Food:

Xueba Duck

Xueba duck is the most characteristic dish of Fenghuang. It is made by stewing duck meat and xueba made of superior glutinous rice and duck blood with a certain spices. When it turns golden, it may be served. Xueba duck has both the deliciously rich flavor of duck meat, and the delicate fragrance and glutinously mildness of xueba. It taste deliciously rich in flavor and gives people good appetite. The side dish of Xueba Duck is plainly stirfried sour pod.

Vegetable Tofu

Because Vegetable Tofu has characteristics such as tender, fresh, soft and deliciously fragrant, and its cost is low, so it is one of the favorite daily main dishes of Miao people in Fenghuang. To make this dish, you should first pour some cold water into the pot, next, put bean flour ground finely beforehand by stone pestle in the water and mix it well with chopsticks, and then stew it with slow fire. After it bgins to boil, you may put greengrocery in it and mix it a little. Then when the soup water turns clear after simmering, you may add some seasoners such as wild onion, garlic, chili powder and so on. It may be served after being smothered for a little while.

Sour Fish

Sour Fish alone is a typical dish served at the banquet of Miao people in Fenghuang. It is traditional for Miao people to breed fish in paddy field. When Aug. comes, the owner runs the water away and catches the fish. Except some fish is brought to the country fair for sale, most of it is soaked into spicy soup for 2 or 3 days after it is cleaned and disemboweled. The major seasoners of the spicy soup are salt, chili powder, and five main condiments. After it is soaked, you should spread glutinous rice powder or corn powder on it, put it in jar and cover it well, and then fill up the water plate at the jar mouth with water. It may be served after about 15 days. It may be taken fried, stirfried, or raw and the taste is unique. If you make sure that the water plate at the jar mouth is full, the sour fish may be preserved for 1 to 2 years. 

Pickled Radish

In both urban and rural area of Fenghuang, where there is people coming and going, there is stall selling pickled radishes. All Fenghuang citizens, man or woman, old or young, like having slices and stalks of pickled radishes with scarlet chili juice. There are many ways of making pickled radishes. Each family has its own unique skill and refuse to tell others. The well made pickled radishes tastes sourly sweet and sweetly fragrant. It tastes quite unique with the pepperiness of chili.