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Xiangxi Local Products:

Miao Silver Ornaments

Miao Silver Ornaments forms a unique and quite appreciative “silver ornaments culture”with its various kinds and exquisite sculpts. The kinds of Miao Silver Ornaments are various. According to wearing positions, it may be generally divided into three major categories, head ornament, chest ornament, and back ornament. Head ornament includes silver hat, silver basin, phoenix coronet, Sushan, hair bun, earring, necklace and so on. Chest ornament includes brooch, needle cylinder, belly band, hand ring, finger ring, shawl, belt and so on. Most of Miao Silver Ornaments have kept primitive appeal. Many moulds reflect the once belief and pursuit, and life custom of Miao people.

Miao Paper Cutting

Miao paper-cut is the base pattern of Miao embroidery. Viewed from the making process and the value of its end product, Miao paper-cut itself is a complete handiwork. Most works of Miao paper-cut is made extemporaneously. Usually paper-cut handcraftsman creats flower, bird, insect and fish, or dragon, phoenix and unicorn on paper at will by adopting techniques such as clipping, pricking, or picking. The composition reflects Miao peoples psychology of nature and totem worshiping. The mould of the picture frame is lively and the line is natural and free. It has good taste in art.

Miao Embroidery

The kinds of Miao embroidery are various. According to color, it may be generally divided into two major categories, single-colored embroidery and multi-colored embroidery. When making single-colored embroidery, we often apply blue thread. The embroidering method is comparatively single and the works is elegant and dignified, and simple and tasteful. Multi-colored embroidery is made with seven-colored silk thread. The embroidering method is comparatively complicated. You amy embroider in flat way, coiling way, or picking way. Most of the multi-colored embroidery centers about flower, bird, insect and fish, or dragon, phoenix and unicorn. The colorful and vivid embroidered end products are fine articles of Fenghuang ethnic handiwork.

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