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Xiangxi Transport

Last updated by david at 2017/4/26

There is no airport in Xiangxi. If you need to go to Xiangxi by air, you should first go to Lotus Airport at Zhangjiajie or Daxing Airport at Tongren, Guizhou that are near to Xiangxi, and then get there by bus.

Telephone of Ticket Booking ( Guizhou Tongren Airport ) : 0856-5938066、5213222、5231636

Telephone of Inquiery ( Zhangjiajie Lotus International Airport ) : 0744-8238294

Telephone of Ticket Office (Zhangjiajie Lotus International Airport ) : 0744-8238293

There is only Zhiliu railway passing through Xiangxi area. It connects north and south and reaches cities such as Beijing and Shenzhen .

Telephone of Ticket Office ( Jishou Railway Station ) : 0743-8224879

At present, two state highway, 209 and 319 and province highway, 1828 join up and shoulder the important transportation duty of Xiangxi.

Telephone of Ticket Office of Jishou Long-distance Passenger Station: 0743-8224879

There are five public bus lines running through Jishou City, Xiangxi.

In Jishou, there is sightseeing bus directly going to Fenghuang City. The fare is sbout 12 RMB.


In Jishou, the starting price of taxi is 3 RMB and the strating mileage is 1.5 km.