Shanxi Museum of Medical History

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Completed and opened to the public in 1965, the Shanxi Museum of Medical History covers an area more than 700 square meters with a floor space of 500 square meters for exhibition. Here are over 2,000 pieces of cultural relics on display.  Among them, the most valuable relics on display are as following: the wooden statue of Medicine King, Sun Simiao (581-682); bronze manikin showing acupoints of Song Dynasty (960-1127); Family Tree of Li Dongyuan (1180-1252, best known for his thesis that most diseases were due to injury to the stomach/spleen system, which occurred as the result of intemperance in eating and drinking, etc). Highlight the importance of medical technology, a big-scale researching machine and a medicine-husking boat are on display. A medicine shop called “Family of Zhao Taiaheng” which was copied according to the description of A picture of Bian river at Qingming Festival of the Song Dynasty is on display, vividly describing the working situation in ancient society. Many medical tools displayed on the museum are of high cultural value.

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By No 11 bus

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Daily 9:00~18:00

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