The tomb of Prince Zhanghuai

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Prince Zhang Huai, named Li Xian, was the son of Empress Wu Zetian, the sixth son of Li Zhi, Emperor GaoZong. Zhang Huai was made crown prince in 675AD but was removed from that rank in 680AD by his mother and banished to Bazhou (the present Bazhong County). In 648 AD, Li Xian died mysteriously in Bazhou at the age of 31.

There are some 50 pieces of frescoes found in the tomb of Prince Zhanghuai, covering an area of some 400 square meters. The contents cover such aspects of gods, astrology, religion, architecture, ceremonial guard of honor, hunting and social life of the Tang Dynasty. One of the most interesting of these is known as the 'Meeting of the Guests'. This frescoes shows three Tang officials accompanying ambassadors from abroad such as Rome and Korea as well as ethnic groups from north-east China and elsewhere. In addition, another famous frescoes is “Playing Polo on the Horsebacks”, the game having been introduced from Persia and very popular among the Tang aristocracy. Ten frescoes of the tomb of Prince Zhanghuai such as “Picture of Ceremonial Honors”, “On the way for hunting”, “Playing Polo on Horsebacks” etc. are of very high artistic value and the valve of cultural relics. 

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