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Xianyang Travel Guide

Lying in the hinterland of Shanxi Province, Xianyang City has the Weishui River cutting through its south, leans on Zongshan Mountain, and borders the provincial capital city, Xi'an, to the south, and Gansu Province to the north. It is the first stop of the ancient Silk Road. With one city, two districts and ten counties under its jurisdiction, Xianyang is a national level historical and cultural city. The population of Xianyang is 82,000 in the total of 619 square kilometers of urban district. (Post Code: 712000; District Number: 0910)

Now Xianyang is a medium model city, a first-grade open city as well as national historical and a cultural city. It is featured by the folk-custom tourism with yellow earth culture, such as paper-cutting, shadow figures, local snacks, custom village, and orchard etc. Therefore it is famous for this custom tour programs around the world.

Xianyang Travel Ideas

Xianyang Transport

As one of the famous ancient capitals in China, Xianyang plays an important role in the transport hub of Middle China. It offers travelers with a comprehensive and convenient transport service. Air Xi`an Xianyang International Airport(西安咸阳国际机场) is the largest air transport hub in the

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Xianyang Xianyang

Food and drink The Food and drink culture of Xianyang has a long history and has formed its own features. There are three kinds of snacks in Xianyang which are considered as Three wonders, one is exquisite dumpling feast with supernatural workmanship; the second is the imitated Tang (Dynasty) Fea

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Xianyang Xianyang

Tourist attractions Xianyang was the important city or even the capital for 11 ancient dynasties, like Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui (581-618), Tang, etc. So the brilliant history has left the human landscape mark in this great city. There are more than 450 cultural relics, 1135 ancient mausoleums, includ

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Xianyang Highway

Highways: So many highways crisscross in Xianyang, and you can see some important arterial roads from Xi’an to Tongchuan and highways from Xi’an to Baoji are crossing in Xianyang. Buses: There are altogether 17 routes for buses, and the charge for one ticket is 1 yuan each time. Taxies: There a

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