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Xianyang Food

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Xianyang Featured Food:

Xinping Fermented Glutinous Rice  

It is a kind of soup. The material used for making it is fine glutinous rice. The skill for making it is very complicated. The key step is to ferment glutinous rice. It has the special features of fragrant, sweet and is beneficial to one’s strength and spirit.

Yunyun Maotou And Dried Maotou  

Yunyun Maotou and Dried Maotou are two kinds of traditional folk snacks. In fact, they are baked Maotous made of high-quality flour mixed with plant oil, egg and sugar. When it comes to the characteristics, they have a lot in common: dried, crisp, fragrant and sweet. They are easy to be stored and handy to take and are always good gifts for friends and relatives.

Baiji Pancake And Cured Meat In Pancake

Baiji pancake is a kind of baked pancake only found in Xianyang. When it is made, two skins of the cake loosely connect, which called “two skins” by local people. It is thin and crisp in the surface and soft in the heart. It can be eaten separately, or be eaten by adding cured meat into it, which is called Cured meat in Pancake. It is popular with the local people. 

Qianxian Dried Noodles 

Qianxian Dried Noodles are handmade with the characteristics of thin, white, and smooth. The noodles are cooked first and then are tossed with oil and acetic acid, having leek, Chinese cabbage and egg cut into piece and put into the soup, thus formed a delicious dried noodle with color, smell, and taste being superb. It is especially good to taste after drinking.

Sanyuan Lianhua Cake  

Production of Sanyuan Liaohua cake can date back to as early as the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1616-1911) dynasties, which has been popular more than 400 years. The materials for making Sanyuan Liaohua cake include sesame, glutinous rice flour, soybean flour, sugar, osmanthus flowers, and plant oil. Sanyuan Liaohua cake are fragrant, crisp, soft and sweet. It is a good gift for relatives and friends.