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Xianyang Food

Last updated by  at 2017/4/25

Xianyang Featured Food:

Liquan Muslim Yangroupaomo(the Baked Cake Diced And Dipped In Beef Or Mutton Soup)

Liquan Muslim Yangroupaomo is delicious. Local people and tourists speak highly of it, and it is regard as “ a bunch of flower on Xinan road.”

Sanyuan Oily Cake  

Sanyuan oily cake is said to have been developed on the basis of the “JianJianxiao”(a kind of oily cake), which prevailed in the ancient Tang Dynasty. It has a fluffy surface and the shape just like a flower of water caltrop. It smells fragrant and easily melting in the mouth.

Noodles With Thick Sauce

Noodles with thick sauce is a kind of popularized food in summer. Before having them, just get some into the bowl and add thick sauce (hot thick sauce much better) with suitable amount of salt, oil-fried pepper and oil of Chinese prickly ash.

Qianxian Jellied Bean Curd 

Qian County is famous for its jellied bean curd. The bean curd is as white as jade and if the seasonings are properly matched, the snack is simply delicious

Large Fried Dough Twist ( Made Of Two Or Three Long And Narrow Twisted Pieces Of Dough)

Large fried dough twist is the traditional food of Angongjiao, Yongshou County of which those produced by Angongjiao village, Jianjun town are the most famous because they are prepared with well-selected flours and fried twice with canola oil.  Crisp, aromatic and sweet, they will not become soft within a long period of time. It is a kind of fine dishes for wine-drinkers and also good for gift to relatives and friends.