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Xianyang Transport

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As one of the famous ancient capitals in China, Xianyang plays an important role in the transport hub of Middle China. It offers travelers with a comprehensive and convenient transport service.



Xi`an Xianyang International Airport(西安咸阳国际机场) is the largest air transport hub in the Northwest of China. It is about 13 kilometers away from Xianyang City, and 47 kilometers away from the downtown of Xi’an (a famous ancient capital in China).Totally, there are 68 domestic flights and 11 international flights in the airport.

The domestic flights of China include flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Sanya, Xining, Urumqi, Chengdu, Chongqing, Jiuzhaigou, Nanjing, etc. Xianyang International Airport has regular regional flights to Hong Kong and Macau, and international flights to Japan, South Korea, Thailand and so on. Charter flights to Singapore and Azerbaijan are available.

Travelers in Xi’an need to take a flight in Xi`an Xianyang International Airport, with one-hour journey. Taxis cost about 80 CNY from the downtown of Xi’an to the airport.

Official Website: http://www.xxia.com/
Tel: 029-88796997

Airport Shuttle Buses

Airport Shuttle Buses to Xianyang

Airport shuttle buses run between the Rainbow Hotel and the airport. Visitors can go to No.1 Rainbow Road(彩虹路1号) to take an airport shuttle bus from 7:00 to 18:00. The shuttle buses leave on every hour in the Rainbow Hotel,with a price of 15 CNY per person. The shuttle buses departing from the airport end at 20:30 and the intervals depend on flights. The shuttle buses pass through Minsheng Mansion(民生商夏),Xianyang Government Building (市政府),Weicheng Middle School(渭城中学)and Xianyang Railway Station(火车站).

Airport Shuttle Buses to Xi’an

There are 7 shuttle bus routes running between Xianyang International Airport and Xi’an City, with a ticket of 25 CNY per person.

Shuttle Bus Line 1: the Airport to Bell Tower
Shuttle buses depart from Xi’an Melody Hotel(美伦酒店)to the airport in every 20 minutes from 06:00 to 20:00.The opposite bus route starts at 07:30,and intervals depend the flights.
Getting there: Xi’an Melody Hotel is located at No.86 in West Avenue(西大街86号). Visitors can take Bus No. 43,600,603,26 and K600, and get off at the Bell Tower Bus Stop. Or travelers can take No. 4,7,32,215 and K630 Bus, then get off at the Drum Tower Bus Stop.

Shuttle Bus Line 2: the Airport to Xi’an Railway Station
The shuttle buses leave for the Airport from Xi’an Jiefang Hotel(西方解放饭店) on every hour from 07:00 to 19:00. Travelers can take a shuttle bus at T2 in the airport to the downtown between 08:30 and 20:30.The intervals is not regular in the airport, the longest one is about one hour.
Getting there:
Xi’an Jiefang Hotel is on the southeast corner of the railway station square. Visitors can take Bus No. 5,25,30,41,103,603,611,103,13, and get off at Railway Station Bus Stop.

Shuttle Bus Line 3: the Airport to Xigaoxin(西高新)
Shuttle Bus Line 3 leaves for the airport in every hour starting 07:15 to 18:15. Travelers can take an shuttle bus at T2 in the airport to Xi’an Zhicheng Libo Hotel(志诚•丽柏酒店)between 8:20 and 20:50.
Getting there:
Visitors can take Bus No. 14,28,29,402 and 700, and get off Gaoxin Road Bus Stop.

Shuttle Bus Line 4: the Airport to the North Great Wild Goose Pagoda Square(大雁塔北广场)
The shuttle buses from the North Great Wild Goose Pagoda Square leave from 07:00 to 18:00 on every hour. The return bus route is from 9:10 to 18:10, depending on flight intervals.
Getting there:  Travelers can take Bus No. 5,30,22,400,21 to the Tang Dynasty Art Garden Hotel(大唐博相府酒店).

Shuttle Bus Line 5: the Airport to Xishaomen Airport Ticket Center(西稍门机场售票处)
Shuttle buses depart from Xiaoshaomen in every 30 minutes from 06:00 to 18:30. You can go to T2 in the airport to take a shuttle bus to city center from 8:20 to 20:50.The intervals in the airport depend on the flights.

Getting there:
There are a lot of buses to Xishaomen, including Bus No. 4, 23, 24, 28, 31, 201, 202, 222, 223, 224, 252, 302, 322, 405, 611, 612, K630 and K631.
Shuttle Bus Line 6: the Airport to Xi’an Jianguo Hotel(建国饭店)
Shuttle Bus Line 6 departs from Xi’an Jianguo Hotel in every one hour from 07:00 to 18:00 every day. The airport shuttle buses leave for the airport starting at 09:30 to 18:30.
Getting there:
Xi’an Jianguo Hotel is situated at No.2 Huzhu Road, Xi’an(西安市互助路2号).There are dozens of buses to get there, such as tourism bus route 9 and Bus No.8, 10, 27, 37, 43, 48, 102, 300, 307, 401, 512, 525、714, 716 and 717.

Shuttle Bus Line 7:the Airport to Chanba Ecological District(浐灞生态区)
Shuttle Bus Line 7 starts at the Kempinski Hotel(凯宾斯基酒店) to the airport from 08:00 TO 18:00, with an interval of 2 hours. The return bus route leaves from the airport between 08:30 and 16:30. The intervals rely on the flights, sometimes it can take about 2 hours.

We suggest passengers who have domestic flights of China take an airport shuttle bus 2 hours and a half in advance. Passengers for international flights can take an airport shuttle bus 3 hours earlier.



Lianyungang-Lanzhou Railway (one of key west-east railways in China), and several other railways join together in Xianyang of Shaanxi Province, which extend Xianyang’ railway hub.

Xianyang Railway Station

Xianyang Railway Station is located in Kangzhan Road, Weicheng District, Xianyang(咸阳市渭城区抗战路). Trains to other cities are available, such as trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Urumqi, Guangzhou, Baoji, etc.
Tel: 029-12306
Ticket Booking:029-96688/ 95105105
Getting there:  Bus No.1, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 16 can get the railway station. The taxi from the downtown to Xianyang Railway Station is about 5 to 8 CNY. Taxi fee between Xianyang International Airport and Xianyang Railway Station is about 30 CNY and 40 CNY in the evening.


China National Highway 312 from Shanghai to Khorgas in Xinjiang goes through Xianyang. There are 2 major bus stations in Xianyang City, including Xianyang Bus Station and Xianyang North Bus Station. Xianyang North Bus Station is in Qinhuang Middle Road ,Qiandu District, near Shengli Street(秦都区秦皇中路, 近胜利街).Travelers can take Bus No.14, 9 and 12 to Xianyang North Bus Station.
Telephone: 029-33123663
Xianyang Bus Station, also known as Xianyang South Bus Station, is located in Xilan Road, Qindu District (秦都区西兰路). No.15 bus can reach the bus station.
Tel: 029-33213335

City Transport

There are about 20 bus routes running through the whole city of Xianyang. Passengers can take regular airport shuttle bus from the Rainbow Hotel to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport.


Taxis in Xianyang start at 6 CNY for the first 3 kilometers, then it’s an additional 1.5 CNY per kilometer and 1 CNY for fuel surcharge. The basic taxi fee is 7 CNY for the first 3 kilometers, and additional fee goes up to 1.8 CNY per kilometer and 1 CNY for fuel surcharge between 23:00 and 06:00.
Passengers need to pay attention to whether the meter is on, when you take a taxi. Travelers can also bargain with taxi drivers for a long journey.