Huzhu Tu Ethnic Tourist Area

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Because of its special geographic location, a lot of particular natural landscape is formed here. What's more, it's the sole Tu Nationality autonomous county in China. Tu Nationality, an ancient nation, lived and labored here for generations. Unique human landscape has also formed here. These unique natural landscape and human landscape attract a lot of international and domestic tourists to come here.

The Tu people believe in Lamaism. They are good at singing and dancing. Their costume is full of national features. During some folk festivals held on the 5th of the fifth lunar month, the 6th of the sixth lunar month, and the 9th of the ninth lunar month, etc., the "Flower Concert" is mostly held in the Huzhu tourist attraction. The Tu people have formed their own particular culture in the long historical process. The women's sleeves are made up of pieces of cloth with different colors, such as, red, yellow, black, green, white and so on. They look like the rainbow. Therefore, here is reputed as " the Hometown of the Rainbow". " Wheel Autumn" is an entertainment project invented by the Tu people themselves. The Tu people took the item to take part in the fourth National Minority Sports Meeting, and were highly praised.

Anzhao dance is a dance of the Tu nationality. People dance it in a cheerful and rhythmic manner. It's a good way to express their joy. In February 2001, the Huzhu Tourist Attraction, which was invested 800,000 Yuan in, formally began running. There are all kinds of performances such as Anzhao Dance, Wheel Autumn, Wedding of the Tu People and bonfire party, the exhibition of folk-custom articles as well as flavor snacks. The Tu people use highland barley to make wine. Its taste is pure and sweet. It has a reputation that " when the jar filled with wine is opened, the fragrance can make the people drunken even though they are far away from the wine".

The picturesque Beishan National Forest Park is located here too. Odd-shaped pines, grotesque rocks, immense forest, wave-liked clouds, flowing fountain, rushing waterfall, as well as rare birds and beasts form the particular natural landscape. It covers a total area of 113,000 hectares. The resources of the animal and plant are very abundant in the park. There are more than 400 kinds of plants with quite high ornamental value. The scenery of the park is very beautiful. The wonderful view comes out one after another. There are a series of famous scenic spots, including the Yaoshui Spring Waterfall, the Daban Red leaf, the Hulei Sky Pond, the One Pillar Proping up the sky, the Twelve Winding Slopes, the Peacock Cliff, the Little Three Gorges (the Kashuo Gorge, the Qinggang Gorge and the Xiahe Gorge), etc.. The park is well appointed. Visitors can live in the Forest Hotel, the Zhangfang Hotel or the Shilong Mountain Village. They can ride horses, climb mountain, hunt, shoot, have a picnic, etc.. Experience the life in the mountain forest and come back to nature. Every year, thousands of visitors at home and abroad are attracted to come here by its reputation.

The taboo of the Tu people: Don't take the meat of the horse, donkey or dog into the house of the Tu people. Don't sing "flower" or enjoying the tape of "flower" at their home without the host's permission. Because "flower" belongs to the love song, it can't be singed at home.

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Take a medium-sized bus at the Xining Long-Distance Bus Station. One bus departs every fifty minutes. The fare is 4.80 Yuan. It takes one and a half hours. If you rent a Xiali, the return fare is 80 Yuan.

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