Kanbula National Forest Park

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The Kanbula National Forest Park is more than 200 kilometers away from Xining. It’s located in Kanbula Town, Jianza County, the Huangnan Zuang nationality autonomous prefecture. It’s 2,100 to 4,00 meters above sea level, covering an area of about 4,774 hectares. It borders on the Yellow River in the north, abutting against the famous Liajiaxia Hydroelectric Power Station.  It’s the red conglomerate landscape. The surface of the rock mass is as red as the red glow. The mountains take on various shapes. Some look like columns; some look like towers; some look like walls; some look like forts; some look like human beings; some look like animals. They are very lifelike, such as, the Scissors Rock, the Waiting-For-Husband Cliff, the Stone Bamboo Shoot, the Fairies Get-Together, etc.. There are eighteen perilous peaks in the Kanbula Region. Two of them, the A’qiongnanzong and the Neibaozong, are the most famous. The A’qiongnanzong is surrounded by steep cliffs. There is only one path with stone steps, through which people can get to the top of the peak. The major portion of the path is cut out of the cliffs. At the top of the peak stand an ancient Buddhist temple and several small caves. Many Buddha statues are displayed in the caves.  A great number of people come to here all the year around. The Neibaozong is a square separated peak. There are a lot rare plants on the peak. At the top of it, there are the Sky Pond and spring. In addition, the religious culture in Kanbula has a long history. Kanbula is the regeneration place of the Tibetan Buddhist. There are four temples in it. It is the only Buddhist resort where monks and nuns coexist.

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Take a bus to get to the Lijiaxia Hydroelectric Power Station at the Xining Long-Distance Bus Station. It’s 90-kilometer journey. The fare is 20 Yuan.

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Traveling Time recommended: one day or two days

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