Laoyeshan Mountain

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Mount Laoye is also called “ Mount Liushuo”. It’s about 40 kilometers to the north of Xining City. There are the sites of the Fire-Burnt Platform, the Tiger Cave and the ancient temple.  In the southwest of its main peak are all steep cliffs. It faces Mount Yak in the north.  The weather of the plateau is changeful. The sky is sometimes darkly clouded. The sky is sometimes blue and clear. Overlooking the scenery among the boundless cloud sea or rambling in the woods is very interesting. It’s one of the tourist attractions in Xining.

The scenery of four seasons in Mount Laoye is quite different. The mountain is compassed by mist in spring; the trees are verdant and flourishing in summer; woods flames with color in autumn; the mountain is covered by snow in winter. When poets see the beautiful scenery here, they always want to compose poems. “Rugged grotesque peaks” which is used to describe Mount Laoye comes from a poem. Mount Laoye is 2,928 meters above sea level, with the relative height of over 480 meters. The scenic spots such as the Main Hall of Buddha, the Laoyeshan Hall, the Yuhuang Pavilion, the Guanyin Cave and the Half-wall Pavilion are well distributed. It’s majestic with towering peaks and cliffs. Pine alternate with birches. Four season’s scenery is quite different and beautiful. When summer is coming, masses of visitors stream here. During the period of the June 6 Festival, the grand “ June 6”Chaoshan Festival and Flower Festival are all held here. They are well-known in China. Therefore, a large number of people from every part of Xining and some other places in China will pour here at that time.    

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There is a special bus line which can directly get to the Laoyeshan Tourist Attraction in the urban area.

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Traveling Time recommended: Half a day or a whole day Telephone: 0971-2722131

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