Mengda Sky Pond

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Among the green mountains, there is a clear lake. It’s the famous “ Mengda Sky Pond”, with the elevation of 2,500 meters. When you enter the sphere of the Sky Pond, you can see that steep cliffs, which seem to be cut by knife and chopped by axe; clear streams slowly flow at the bottom of the valley. The scenery makes people relaxed and happy. Walk ahead, and then you enter the hinterland of the Mengda forest region. The ancient trees are nearly tall enough to reach the sky. Grass can submerge your knees. Flowers are blooming in profusion. Lofty and strong pine interlaces with erect and towering alamo. Thick and long vine twists with tall maple. When the wine blows, trees joggle in the wine as if they are receiving guests with a smile. The forest in the Mengda Forest Region covers an area of more than 140,000 Mu. It’s located in the transition zone of the Loess Plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It’s the most complex forest region with the most tree species. The number of plant species reaches 153.  There are all kinds of rare birds and beasts in the forest, such as, musk deer, stone sheep, goa, fox, snow cock, horse cock, Gala cock, etc.. What’s more, there are more than one hundred kinds of drug plants, such as, rhubarb, Astragalus root, Dang Shen, Angelica, large-leaf gentian, etc.. The Menda Forest Region is really a forest with countless treasure. The Qinghai People’s Government has ranked it as the natural forest reserve.   

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Take a bus to Xunhua County in the Xining Long-Distance Bus Station. It’s a 140-kilometer journey. The fare is about 30 Yuan.

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