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Xining Food

Last updated by  at 2017/5/15

Xining Featured Food:

Stewed Lamb

Cut the mutton of the lamb, which is only born for about 15 days, into small cubes. When the oil is boiled, pour mutton cubes into the pan and quick-fry them with strong fire. Until the surface of them become yellow, put some soy sauce, chili, ginger powder, pepper, and salt water into the pan. Fry them until the cubes become red. Add a little water. Stew them with slow fire. When the water in the pan nearly disappears, the dish is cooked. The mutton is tender and crisp. It isn’t greasy. People’s appetite comes with eating.

Gajiaozi Roasted Mutton

The most famous snacks here are the Stewed Mutton  and the Roasted Mutton Bunch .The tea which is made by the shop itself is served too .The shop is a pure restaurant catering only to the Muslims.

Mazhong Brewed Sheet

the Fried Cool Rice Noodles of this shop is better than those sold in Xi’an. Rice Cooked with Terrine and Rice Eaten by Hand are also served in this shop. They are very tasty too. The sleeve-fish bunch, which is sold in the opposite shop, is just 0.5 Yuan per bunch. It’s very cheap.

Assorted Ginseng Fruit

Wash Juema clean and then steam it with lotus seeds and seeds of Job’s tear.  Mix with some greengage, Beijing cake, walnut kernels, lotus seeds, seeds of Job's tears, raisins, cherries, etc.. Thicken the soup with some cooking starch after boiling. This dish is delicious and sweet, taking on various colors. It has a certain function of food therapy.

Mutton Cooked With Eggplant Strip

Cut mutton into pieces. Fry them and add some salt, ginger, pepper power and sauce. Bake eggplant with strong fire. Cut it into strips and deep-fry them. Mix mutton and eggplant to fry together. Add some garlic spread. Stew it for a short moment. Frying with plenty of oil will make the dish better.