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Xining Local Products:

Barley Wine

With the production history of more than 3000 year, the barley wine uses highland barley as main material. It’s brewed with the indigenous method, so it’s called “Ming”(wine). Brewed in the form of the workshop, it began at the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty. Kewa of Shanxi Province took their brewing technology of Xing Hua Cun (the name of a wine) to Qinghai Province. Use the local black barley as main material and pea, black, etc. as supplementary materials to brew the “ Qiyuan Wine” with distinct flavor. It’s a good clear wine with characteristic flavor. It makes people have an aftertaste. The barley wine of Qinghai uses highland barley as raw material, matched with wheat and pea. It’s aboratively brewed with scientific recipe. After drinking it, people won’t have a headache, feel thirsty, and hurt stomach. In addition, they can sober up quickly.

Painted Eggshell

The painted eggshell is a kind of ornamental artwork, which has tremendous appreciative value. Use the abandoned eggshells of the Bird Island as materials and then paint all kinds of claborate-style paintings or colorful patterns on them. Every summer, dozens of types of birds, such as, spotted-head wild goose, brown-head wild goose, brown-head gull and cormorant fly to the Bird Island in Qinghai. The number of them can reach several ten thousand. They lay eggs and hatch on the island. A large number of nestlings come out from the eggshells. However, because many bird eggs can’t be hatched and kicked out of the nests, they become the abandoned eggs. These useless eggs are the best materials for making painted eggshells. The handicraftsmen draw all kinds of patterns on the empty eggshell, such as, “Return from Hunting in Mount Kunlun”, Grazing in Mount Qilian”, “Headstream of the Yellow River”, Princess Wencheng, King Gesa’er, Buddha statues of the Ta’er Temple, and some animals li

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The brown thin chepiter is about 3 centimeters long, glossing. Its base is relatively narrow. It becomes wide gradually to the top. There is a crack in it. At the edge of the top are some irregular dentations.

Danfu Color Stone

The scientific name of the Danfu Color Stone is “ pyrophyllite”. It derives from Danma Town in Nianzhong County of Qinghai Province. So it’s also called “ Danma Color Stone” or “ Kunlun Color Stone”. It’s produced from the 30-centimeter-deep rocky soil, which takes on the zonal structure. It has the texture of the crystal. Its colors are made up of white, yellowish brown, henna, purple, orange, etc.. Part of it is a little transparent and semitransparent. The quiet colors are soft. The texture is natural and fluent. It’s well arranged. Some textures look like rippling stream; some look like mountainous waves; some look like bright sunshine. They take on various patterns. The Danfu Color Stone is a kind of good ornamental stone.


Aweto is sweet and mild. It has the functions of tonifying the lung and kidney, replenishing the marrow, stopping the bleeding, resolving phlegm etc. It ‘s efficacious against asthenic disease, hemoptysis, impotence, spermatorrhea, night sweat, asthma of insufficiency type, ache in the loin and knee, etc..

Snow Lotus

It belongs to the composite family. It’s commonly called “jellyfish snow lotus” or “ snow rabbit”. It grows at a high altitude of 3,900 to 5,600 meters. It’s a perennial herb. The part above the ground can be used for medicine.

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