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Xishuangbanna Food

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The residents of Xishuangbanna mainly belong to Dai Minority. Dai ethnic cuisine, renowned among Yunnan Cuisine, is take sticky rice, sourness, grill and aquatic products as the principal things and seasoned with wild flavor. The representative dishes are Fragrant Bamboo Rice, Boiled Fish with Pickled Bamboo Shoot and Chili and Fish Grilled by Fragrant Grass and Charcoal.

Xishuangbanna Featured Food:


The most popular pepper sauce is Tomato Nanmi. Tomato Nanmi is made from small, sour tomato and hot pepper. The hot pepper will be first roasted till the skin becoming burnt slightly with a special fragrance. Then the pepper skin will be removed and some ingredients like wild coriander, fragrant nuts and some other condiments will be added to make sauce. If small crabs are added, such a Nanmi is also called Crab Nanmi.

Rice Cooked In Fragrant Bamboo

Fragrant Bamboo Rice is also called Kaolan in Dai language. This food is especially cooked in bamboo tubes with pleasant smell. When finished cooking, the bamboo membrane inside the bamboo tube will stick to the rice after some beating the bamboo tube, then the tube is cut into halves, delicious Fragrant Bamboo Rice is just before your eyes.




Duosheng is a traditional dish made by mixing minced raw meat with condiments like salt and hot pepper. Ingredients are chicken, pork, fish and other wild animal meat. These meats is firstly cut into very small pieces, and then mixed with wild fragrant plants and pepper.

Salted Cattle Tendon

Salted Cattle Tendon is traditional famous dish of Dai Nationality, whose ingredients are heads and feet of cattle, green onion, ginger, red pepper, leaves of wild Chinese prickly ash and salt. Firstly, heads and feet of cattle are washed and scraped clean. Secondly, such heads and feet are cut into small parts and boiled properly. Thirdly, bones of such boiled heads and feet are removed and the meat is cut into strips and soaked in rice water. After a few hours, the meat is taken out and mixed with red pepper, pounded ginger, green onion, salt and leaves of wild Chinese prickly ash, and then it is persevered in a pot and kept for half a month. Finally it is ready for eating.

Meat Cooked In Bamboo

Meat Cooked in Bamboo is a famous dish of Hani Nationality. The way of cooking goes like this: firstly, meat is washed clean and cut into pieces, and then it is mixed with ginger, pepper, wild Chinese prickly ash and salt. Secondly, such a mixture is put into a piece of bamboo whose opening is covered with plantain leaves and roasted in fire. Such a dish is fragrant and delicious.

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