Hukou Waterfalls

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As the 4A level scenic spot and national key tourist attraction, Hukou waterfalls scenic spot covers an area of 175 square km and the area of main scenic spot is 27 square km. With Hukou waterfalls as the main part, it reaches small river mouth in the north and Shiwan river mouth in the south. It is the most magnificent yellow waterfall and the second biggest waterfall in China after the Huangguoshu waterfall. When the mighty Yellow River flows to Hukou, the billowy water streams narrow suddenly, from 200 to 300 meters wide to 50 meter, roaring even in dry seasons, and falling 30 meters (33 yards) into a deep riverbed, splashing dense mist obscuring the sky. Hukou waterfalls were listed as the state-level natural scenic spots in 1988 and appraised as one of the “40 best tourist resorts of China” by National Tourism Administration in 1991. The waterfalls flow down to the pond, the mighty currents rushing in the gorges, which inspire people greatly. The rocks on the gorges being rushed by the river for thousands of years look of superlative craftsmanship and great momentum.

2 Scenic spots


Mengmen (Meng gate) mountain: It’s 2.5 km from Hukou where the Huanghe river was cut into halves by a huge rock which is hundreds of steps wide. Looking down from the rock, the divided flowing river seems like a gate, hence Mengmen (Meng gate). Though Mengmen Mountain looks dangerous and seems to drop, it stand steadily in the powerful currents and could not be drowned in the floods, which is really a wonder of Hukou. Flowing past Mengmen Mountain, the river runs directly to the 65km long Longmen(dragon gate).

Rainbow playing with water: The rising water fog is being reflected by sunlight from different angles and forms all kinds of rainbows. Sometimes it looks like an arc plugging into water from the sky, which looks like a dragon playing with water.

Thunder in Sunny day: The currents under the water surge letting out great sound and seems like thunder which could be heard far away.

Rain in sunny days: In summer and autumn, there are often storms in yellow earth plateau. The water in Yellow River suddenly rises up and the waterfalls could reach more than a hundred meters wide. The water frog covers the sky within several li radius, which looks momentous and it’s the best season to appreciate the waterfall, hence the scenic spot “Rain in sunny days”.

Mountain flying and sea standing: Yellow River seems like a flying dragon crossing the grand gorges of Qinjin in Yellow Earth Plateau of the northwest China. When it flows to Hukou, the 400-wide river suddenly streams narrow and forms the great waterfalls of horse’s hoof shape. As the terrain of Hukou is in strategic and inaccessible position, there forms the grand view of “Mountain flying and sea standing”. 

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How to Get There?
There are regular buses from Yan’an to Hukou which may take you about 4 hours and 26 yuan (2004). You can take a medium-size bus too, the charge is yuan (2004). If you start from Nanniwan or other places, you’d better take a bus at Yichuan. For example, starting from Xi’an, you may take a train to Fuchang, then to Yichang by bus. Or take a bus at the bus station in east Xi’an to Yichuan. It takes you 45 Yuan for a sleeping bus. There are many buses from Yan’an to Yichan.

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There visitors may appreciate the waterfalls, take rafts to make exploration, take photos, taste Yellow River carps and Yan’an wines. Tonggen restaurant opposite the Pailou (decorative archway) of the scenic spots is the tourism service spot which offers fast food, north and south dishes and famous local flavors. At night, visitors may lodge in Yellow River Grand Hotel and Water-appreciating Boat Hotel. Traveling here in winter may be of different interest as big blocks of ice of the upper reach crash and raise and form natural ice bridges, which are called “Hukou ice bridges”. This is another “good works of the north”.

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