The Pagoda Hill

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The Pagoda Hill

Also known as Da Ling Hill, the Pagoda Hill stands by the Yan’an River, southeast of Yan’an city on which a pagoda is to the sky like a loyal guard, guaranteeing the city. The hill is the symbol of the historic Yan’an city as well as a revolutionary holy land with the ancient name of Fushi, Yan’an is a key town on northwest border where most of the defending generals would be bound to go like Han Luo and Fan Zhongyan in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The pavilion-style pagoda, a Ming Dynasty [1368-1644, some people thought it was Tang dynasty (618-907)] structure is 44 meters high and with the flight of nine steps as well as the inner pagoda steps to the top. Besides, there are also other ancient places of interest on the hill like the Fan Family Well, Picking Star Building, East Yue Temple, Dialing Academy and the Beacon Tower, etc. a poet by Gu Yanshou, Yan’an governor in the Ming dynasty, described the hill like “The scenery of Dialing hill with dense trees becomes more beautiful in the sunset; the shadow of the pagoda makes the light green trees darker and the red flowers are obviously charming in the green sea; the monks are preparing their supper and the wild birds are also flying back to their warm home”. Besides, the words “living quietly in the green hill and keeping away the boring and vulgar world” are written on the forehead of the two arched doors at the foot of the pagoda. A Ming bell is beside the pagoda, having been the alarming bell during the revolution time. There are also some historic stone characters carved on the rocks among which the “Dialing” in official script (a style of Chinese Calligraphy current in the Han dynasty, 206BC-220AD) by Fan Zhongyan (989-1052, a prominent Chinese statesman, strategist, educator and writer of the Northern Song Dynasty) is best known as well as the words “Being confident with millions of great soldiers in your mind.”

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How to Get There?
It is convenient to go from Yan’an Railway Station by No.1 and No.3 bus.

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Opening Hours:
6:00a.m.-----20:00p.m. everyday.

More Tips:
1. Only standing on the Qingliang hill near the pagoda hill can you photograph the whole pagoda. 2. Sun glasses, hats and camera protecting stuff are in need in case it is sandy. 3. The best season for touring: all the four seasons are acceptable except for the cold in winter.

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