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Yan’an, a city of Shaanxi province, has the population of 330,000 and an area of 37,000 square km. The city administers twelve districts and counties. As a holy land of the Chinese revolution, Yan’an is one of the first 24 historic cultural cities of China announced by the State Council. The city center has an area of 80 square kilometers, of which the built area is 15.58 square kilometers.

The area code of Yan’an is 0911 and the post code is 716000.

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Overview: Yan’an is located in the north of Shanxi province, connecting eastern Shanxi with western Gansu province. Yan’an is a historical city, regarded as the birth place of Chinese revolution since it was the center of the Chinese Communist revolution from 1936 to 1948. By air:Yan&#

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