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Liangfen(Cool noodles)

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/24

It’s made from green gram, kidney bean, potato or buckwheat, which tastes light and refreshing as it’s sour, spicy and delicious. It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxicate and relieving the summer heat and quenching the thirst. Liangfeng (cool noodles) is one of the north Shaanxi flavors and the green gram cool noodles and oil cool noodles in Zichang County are especially famous. There are “green gram cool noodles” made from green gram flour, hence “kidney bean cool noodles”, “potato cool noodles” and “buckwheat cool noodles”. Of all these cool noodles, green gram cool noodles are the best. It looks soft green and bright. It’s suitable for eating all the seasons and it tastes best in hot summer. It could be eaten cool and hot and suit for people of different ages. Customers can eat it in hotels, restaurants, snack bars and night markets. General price: 1 Yuan a bowl. It’s natural green food.