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You Momo(oil bun)

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/25

Ring-shaped, after it’s fried, it’s golden like copper coin, which is the rich and auspicious symbol according to Yan’an’s folk customs. Grind millet, sift it, boil soft rice into very hot gruel, water the gruel on the millet flour and put it on the hot kang (heatable brick or adobe bed) until it ferments. Then make it into rings and fry them until their colors turn red brown and that’s ok. Oil bun is often seen on holidays and festivals or used to treat relatives and friends, especially in wedding parties. It’s often put on plate of ten and sold at 0.5 Yuan each. It tastes best with sugar and noodles soup. Oil bun is in golden color and tastes tender. It won’t change color and go bad for a long time.