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Yougao(Oil cake)

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/1

It’s also called Niangao (New Year cake) or Zaogao (date cake), which is one of the most representative local flavors of north Shaanxi. It’s made from broomcorn millet and date. After fried in vegetable oil, it tastes tender, sweet and delicious and hotels and restaurants all sell it as local flavors. When Central Red Army successfully arrived in north Shaanxi, Yan’an people treated them with oil cakes. North Shaanxi folk song Sandandanhuakaihongyanyan describes this event vividly. Oil cakes are usually eaten on holidays and festivals or used to treat relatives and friends, especially in wedding parties. It’s often put on plate of ten pieces and sold at 0.5 Yuan a piece. It tastes best with sugar and noodles soup. Oil cake is in golden color and tastes tender. It won’t change color and go bad for a long time and it belongs to natural green food.