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Yanan Shopping

Yanan Local Products:

Local Pear

Yan’an su pear looks bright yellow, tastes sweet and refreshing, with rich nutrition and the function of health care. It is one of the popular fruits among the local people. Besides, there is another famous breed of pearl: Yi jin pearl (Yi means one in Chinese; jin is a Chinese weight unit equaling 0.5 kilos).It gains this name because each pearl weighs about yi jin. Compared with the first one, this pearl is bigger and easier to preserve. It is also a good choice for the visitors to buy some as present.

Local Millet

The local millet, which benefits from the good nature condition of this land and the hard work of the local people, grows very well with pretty yellow color and rich nutrition. Its protein content is 13%, and it contains many kinds of vitamins (including the most important lysine and so on). The millet porridge is a delicious food and easy to cook. When done, it is perfect in color, good smell and flavor. The most important is its function to give nourishment to people. And there is a local saying; the millet porridge can treat yin and yang deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the body. (Yin and Yang are the two opposing principles in nature, the former feminine and negative while the latter masculine and positive. The traditional Chinese medical theory holds that there is also a Yin and Yang in one’s body. A balanced Yin and Yang can make a person healthy). So it is the favorite food of the old, the young and the pregnant women.

The Ceramics Of Red Porcelain

Yan’an is rich in red porcelain of high quality, which is safe for human and easy to exploit. The local ceramics of red porcelain is started from 1942. After borrowing the advanced technology from Yixing (it is a place in Jiangxi Province and has the longest history and best skills of making ceramics of red porcelain), Yan’an has become the largest production base of ceramics of red porcelain in the Northwest of China. Its main products are the small household articles (including the set of dinner, tea, coffee, or wine) and kinds of souvenirs. Among them the tea setting is the most famous one which can keep the overnight tea fresh and be cooked on fire directly. It also looks delicate and with various shapes. On the bodies of the teapots and cups, there are some Chinese poems or paintings which will make drinking tea more interesting.


Yan’an is a perfect location for planting apples because the soil, altitude, illumination and huge difference in temperature between day and night are much helpful for apples to accumulate sugar. The apples are big, bright, and sweet. Most of the 70 breeds are of high quality, such as Fuji, New Red Star, Marshal (the brand names of the apples) and the like. The Luochuan apples (those produced in Luochuan County) once won the first prize in a national apple competition, and its quality score is better than the best apple of America. Now the Yan’an apples and the apple juices and other related products have become quite popular at home and abroad.

Local Buckwheat

Buckwheat is one of the traditional export products of Yan’an. Its main producing area is located in several counties of the northern Yan’an [the whole producing area is about 1 million square mu (equaling to 0.0667 hectare), which produce several million ton buckwheat every year]. In the modern society, the value of buckwheat has been fully recognized. It is a healthy food which can prevent the cirrhosis of blood vessel, help to treat cancer, and control diabetes. Thus it is named “the most potential green food in 21st century” by nutritionists. Besides, the buckwheat flower can be used to make high quality honey. And the buckwheat husk can be made into the core of pillow (the pillow is called “the magic pillow” for it helps sleep well).

Wild Animals And Plants

Yan’an has a large forest occupy of 2,770,000 mu, and three excellent natural forests. So it has a good environment for the wild animals and plants. There are many precious wild animals, for example, the leopard and eared pheasant which are the wild animals under the first -level state protection. And the forest also raises many wild plants, like the apricots, the mushrooms, the agarics and so on. Most of them are healthy food, and some of them have been made into the plant products. Even the precious gingkgo is planted successfully here. Now the man-planted ginkgos have come into market, which have been made into tea (it is good at reducing blood pressure and softening blood vessel). This healthy tea has become a popular local product for the tourists.

Local Mixed Beans

Yan’an has a large production of various beans. Those beans are featured with bright color, good quality and rich nutrition, which have become an important export product. The main breed includes lima-bean, mung bean, cowpea, pea, haricot, and so on.Mixing those beans together makes the local mixed beans.

Local Red Date

Yan’an red date has enjoyed a high reputation for a long time. And it is the red dates of Yan’an County that enjoys the highest reputation. Thanks to its special location and climate, the local red date has an ideal place to grow. So it is called as “the hometown of red date”. Now the local products of red dates (the brand is Pagoda or Baota) have become the favorite snack of visitors.

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials Of Yan’an

Yan’an has a rich resource of traditional Chinese medicinal materials. According to the estimated record, there are more that 494 kinds of traditional Chinese medicinal materials in Yan’an. And among them, over two fifth are the medical materials which are regularly purchased in a large scale. Those medicinal materials have enjoyed a high reputation for a long time, because they not only have the medical use and also have many other different uses. Take the apricot for example; it is good at treating eye disease while it is also the necessary fruit on the formal feast in some southern areas of China. Now many of the traditional Chinese medicinal materials of Yan’an have been made into the important traditional Chinese medicine.

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