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The scenic area covers an area of 499 square kilometers and the altitude of the main mountain is 920 meters. The view of the grotesque granite is formed by weathering of many group crannies. There have been more than 300 amazing views so far: peculiar mountains, grotesque rocks, remarkable, exceptional pines and flowers, and impressive sunrise with clouds above the sea.

 There are three brother’s mountains: Gaoli Mountain, Camel Mountain, and Gold Tortoise Mountain. Peculiar rocks are Trunk Rock, Mushroom Rock, immortal palace, a Gleam of Day, Fan Rock. There are several shapes of basalts including the shape of color column and canopy, Changshou (longevity) Cave, Caishen (plutus) Cave etc. Remarkable rivers are the Sino-DPRK Border River 146 kilometers away from the upper reaches of Tumen River, the source of Tumen River and farmland. The exceptional pines are Xianli Pine, Jiali Pine, Panlong Pine,Gonglong Pine, Woshuba Stone etc.Natural scenery are Jindalai flowers, the sunrise with clouds above the sea etc. Historical scenery are the former place of the Da Qinmao, the emperor of Bohai Kingdom (the third emperor of Bohai Kingdom), the ruins of Seven Stars Temple, the port of Nanping in the upper reaches of Tumen River, the port of Congshan etc. All of them are great value of science and tour.

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It costs you 4.3 Yuan to take a bus to Nanping Direction and disembark at 1,000 meters away from Xingjing (30,000 kilometers away from Helong City)

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